We have received numerous awards for both our community engagement work and for our theatre production work. Below are a few examples of the awards we have received from a wide range of sources.

Examination Day

In this day and age it is vitally important that young people acquire accreditation in an array of disciplines.  Performing Arts qualifications not only help young people to acquire confidence and provide an opportunity for them to recognise their achievements and celebrate personal learning milestones, but also they can prove to be vital for acquiring UCAS points for university. Here at Enter our young people are actively encouraged to acquire examinations in many performing arts disciplines. On Sunday 2nd June many of our students participated in acting and verse speaking examinations. It was a…


Enter Wins Outstanding Performance Award at the Curve Theatre, Leicester

On the 3rd June 2018, Enter CIC participated in the Junior Theatre Celebration which took place at the Curve Theatre, Leicester. We had a very early start as our young people arrived at The Enter Centre at 5.00am in the morning! We then embarked on a 3 hour bus journey to Leicester! We arrived at the Curve Theatre, Leicester at 9.00am and everyone had a superb day. All of our young people smiled and laughed from morning till night. The event saw some of the biggest names from the West…


132 Young people achieve Arts Awards with Enter CIC!

We are delighted to have facilitated nationally recognised awards for 132 Spennymoor young people. Many of you will recall we recently conducted a hugely successful performance of The Wind Road Boys in Spennymoor. Certificates have arrived and the young people will soon be receiving nationally recognised praise. Absolutely fantastic! If you would like your child to receive a nationally recognised qualification for doing something they love, just call our Office on 01740 655437.


High Sheriff Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce that Enter CIC have been awarded a prestigious High Sheriff Award in recognition of the work we conduct in County Durham and surrounding areas. Representatives from Enter CIC attended the High Sheriff Awards 2017 event last night which was held at the majestic Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle. The event provided an opportunity to hear about the inspirational work currently being conducted by an array of groups working across County Durham. The groups and young people in attendance were quite simply awe inspiring. The evening truly…


Another First for Enter

On Sunday 12th March 2017, Enter CIC participated in the inaugural MTI Europe Junior Theatre Celebration at the Curve Theatre, Leicester. This event provided an opportunity for groups from across the country to come together and celebrate musical theatre as an art form. Enter CIC were delighted to be representing the North East and Durham at this very special inaugural event. In the run up to the event we prepared an extract from the musical ‘Aladdin’. We thought this was a very apt musical theatre choice as the lyricist for…


Festival Success

Enter CIC have had an exceptionally busy weekend. We are delighted to report that on Saturday 11th March 2017 a number of our students participated in the Darlington Festival of Performing Arts. Our students competed in an array of different classes and their hard work in the lead up to the festival was rewarded. We are pleased to report that Enter CIC students were awarded 7 first places, a number of second places and many commendation certificates. Our students took home the following trophies: The Philla Ditchman Trophy for Verse Speaking. The Urith…