Enter Rock


If you have ever wanted to create your own songs, then Enter Rock is for you. These sessions are designed to give you a practical insight into the composition and playing skills needed to get your master work written, played and heard. The sessions teach students how to play a variety of instruments, including: guitar, bass, percussion, piano and ukulele. The skills are then transferred into a band scenario, practicing the most important skills in music, such as playing in time, rhythm, staying in key/tune and adding the emotion through…

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Arts Enabled


Inclusiveness is of paramount importance to Enter CIC. We are passionate in our belief that the world of artistic and creative activities should be open to all irrespective of age, experience, ability, or complex learning requirement. We have witnessed first-hand how young people with specific needs benefit from our programmes. Our ability to recognise that everyone learns differently is key to our success. When we devise programmes we try to identify the preferred learning style of the individual and then we try to centre the programme around this learning requirement/preference.…

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Off The Page


On Tuesday 1st October 2013 we conducted our first ‘Off the Page’ session. This programme has been funded by our local Area Action Partnership (4 Together Partnership). The programme includes small group teaching sessions (age range specific) and performance based literacy weekend activities for the whole family. These sessions are ideal for any young person who enjoys books and will benefit from a little extra help with reading.  The project will run for 12 weeks. During this time the children will participate in an array of exciting workshops aimed at…

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We provide unique performing arts and creative arts opportunities for everyone. We are regularly commissioned to perform at prestigious events as well as presenting our own commercial productions. Recent performances have taken place at Sunderland Empire, Gala Theatre, Durham, and Durham Cathedral. We also perform at business events, community events and perform at our own 120 seat venue. Enter Club members also benefit from audition practise and professional auditions which has led to professional work. We also operate a telent agency for those who wish to make a career out…

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Guests & Visitors Testimonials 1

“Gosh, what an amazing performance. Your students excelled in every aspect. They didn’t simply tell the story of ‘The Gospels’; they brought it to life. We have here in County Durham the most special Christian heritage and throughout this summer we have had so many opportunities to celebrate that heritage. Your creative interpretation through dance, drama and music within the magnificent setting of our cathedral was so very special. To all who contributed to the performance my sincere congratulations. All of the hard work came to fruition resulting in an…

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