On Monday 17th February 2014 students from our Upper School group went to perform at The Dunelm Phab Club in Durham. Phab clubs work on the social model of phabperform5disability which looks at the person and not the disability. It brings together those with and without disabilities to promote wider community participation and opportunity.

We fully support the work that the group do and we were delighted to have been asked to come along and entertain the members at their weekly meeting. The group were treated to a beautiful repertoire of A Capella numbers and hits from our ‘The Wind Road Boys’ musical which brought a big cheer from the audience after each song.

It was once again a truly fantastic performance that left the audience wishing for more.

“Thank you so much to all you talented performers who entertained us tonight. We had a great night, one member said it was the best night we had ever had at phab. We hope you will come along again sometime soon Again Many thanks Dunelm phab club”
Michelle Raymond, Dunelm Phab Club.

Fantastic night! Loved it.”
Lee Stephenson