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A Whole New World of Fun

Written by Paul

8th August 2015

11222466_967238326630912_8808907285182302107_nWe ran our Disney Aladdin Summer Camp from the 3rd to 7th August 2015 and what a wonderful and magical week it proved to be. Lots of excited young people arrived on Monday morning and were greeted by our wonderful staff who, I must say, were just as excited as the young people!

The morning sessions commenced with fun warm up games and then we quickly moved onto working on our Aladdin performance. The children were very excited to receive their scripts and parts. For some it was their first experience of working in a theatre environment with professional lighting and sound systems.  However, they all rose to the challenge and worked together to create an amazing performance.

Everyone made new friends and had such a wonderful time implementing their ideas and working towards the final performance. All of our staff absolutely loved working with all of the children. We can all honestly say that all of the children were absolutely delightful. They all worked so hard and were very supportive and proud of one another’s performance achievements.

We couldn’t believe how quickly the full week came and went. Before we knew it the performance day had arrived. During the week children had memorised and rehearsed a full professional script, learnt full-blown musical dance numbers including the famous, ‘One Jump’, ‘A Whole New World’, ‘A Friend Like Me’, to name but a few. What these young people produced in one week was absolutely amazing and had to be seen to be be believed.

As the parents and carers arrived at The Enter Centre for the evening performance the excitement backstage grew. Our young people swapped their rehearsal attire for their show costumes and waited quietly in the wings for the commencement of the show.

What a performance they put on!  Each child sang their hearts out and performed with every ounce of energy they possessed. They blew everyone away and parents simply couldn’t believe that their children had produced such a fantastic performance in only one week. 11825070_967720743249337_6577302220063110057_n

At the end of the performance we conducted our presentation ceremony and each child smiled with pride as they received their summer school certificate.  What a memorable week and one that will stay in our hearts and memories for a long time to come!11813527_967720273249384_1823748472398363873_n

We are delighted that many of the children who attended our holiday programme have decided to join our mainstream programme in September and we very much look forward to welcoming them all back to Enter in September 2015.

If you haven’t participated in one of our holiday programmes you simply don’t know what you are missing. Be sure to look out for details about our next holiday programme which will be coming soon.

If you wish to enrol, ready for September, call 01740 655437.


Parent quotes:11822316_967238556630889_6215021517466614319_n

I cannot put into words  joy and happiness that Iona has brought home with her this week! She has absolutely loved every single minute of her week and has been so enthusiastic!  What an incredible achievement for the Enter CIC team. You are outstanding.Thank you so much!

Would like to thank all the Enter CIC staff! Leoni has had an amazing week and really enjoyed meeting the team and the other children. Her confidence has reached new heights and I have to admit I was one emotional mummy when I saw her performance. Couldn’t be prouder of her. Keep up the good work that you do!

I’d just like to say thanks to the amazing Enter team, Lola has had a great week and the performance last night was simply fab!

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