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Acting and Speaking Exams

Written by Paul

31st October 2011

The syllabus provides a wide range of study options. Students have the opportunity to study examinations individually, in pairs, or in small groups.

All of our sessions encourage students individuality, creativity, imagination and cultural awareness. Whilst studying with us students will be introduced to an array of texts and activities.

The Graded and Certificate Examinations are designed to build confidence and arm students with the skills necessary to survive an array of situations in both the creative industry and everyday life. Our programme also offers UCAS points for accessing higher level study.

The Enter Centre is an approved centre for offering a wide range of examinations, certifications, qualifications and awards.

Students studying with us will develop the following:

  • Communication skills through the spoken word.
  • Develop an appreciation of literature, poetry and drama.
  • Develop imagination and creative-thinking skills.
  • Refine technical skills and artistry.
  • Develop confidence.

We have worked in a range of primary and secondary schools to support, enhance or complement the provision in the school. Over the past four years, we have achieved and maintained a 100% pass rate for pupils working toward certificates on our programme.

Speech and Drama Examinations
Students studying examinations in this subject are introduced to an array of texts and concepts from different pieces of literature from different genres.

‘Your students excelled in every aspect’
Sue Snowdon, Lord-Lieutenant of County Durham

Performing Text
Students sitting these examinations learn how to interpret text when reading aloud. This is excellent preparation for public speaking. This examination provides opportunities for students to practice memorising and performing text. These exams are great for developing an understanding of the written word.

‘Fantastic results. Absolutely delighted. Please congratulate your team on outstanding results!’
Jo Everington, Head Teacher, Red House Independent school.

Individual Acting Skills
Students preparing for the Individual Acting skills programme will be taught about the importance of marrying both the vocal and physical skills to create one artistic intention.

‘Not only are they learning performance and cultural arts and crafts, but people and life skills too which will ensure they are streets ahead of others when they move on to further education and career choices.’
Vivien Stapley, The Sir James Knott Trust

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