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All Together

Written by Paul

8th November 2011

This project provided free opportunities for young people to go into professional recording studios and work with professional composers. We would like to extend our thanks to the Four Together Area Action Partnership and Councillor Brian Avery and Councillor Christine Potts who also contributed to the costs of this project.

All Together Theme Tune     

We have also recently completed a short film designed to show case the work of the 4 Together Area Action Partnership. This project provided a number of artistic opportunities for students from both the Durham and Leeds Branch of Enter CIC. Students from upper school participated in a number of music and media workshops. Staff from Enter CIC composed and wrote the lyrics to the ‘All Together’ theme tune which accompanies the DVD. Students were taught the theme tune and then professionally recorded the work at Cluny Recording Studios in Newcastle. Using the 4 Together Partnership Annual Report 2010/2011 we were able to identify projects in the areas of Ferryhill, Chilton, Bishop Middleham and Cornforth and interview local councillors who supported the projects. The finished product (DVD/Theme Tune) will be distributed to local libraries and schools, so that the local community can gain a deeper understanding of the fantastic work of the 4 Together Partnership. The video can be seen below.

“I took the Enter CIC/AAP theme tune DVD to our last board meeting and people were over the moon with it”

Lee Copeland
Principal Area Action Partnership (AAP) Coordinator


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