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CEO and Co-Founder

Andrea Flynn

Andrea with Sir Tim Rice

Andrea Flynn is Chief Executive and Co-founder of Enter CIC.

She is also a Deputy Lieutenant of County Durham.

Andrea is a multi-award-winning theatre director and business leader.

She has 25 years’ experience working in senior executive roles and has provided educational consultancy to local authorities across the UK.

She holds a First Class (Honours) Degree in Dance theatre from Laban. She has a PGCE in Secondary Education (specialising in English and Drama). She is a qualified teacher, national advisory teacher and holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Education from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Andrea also holds Advanced Diplomas in Mentoring and Raising Achievement in Schools and is a qualified Internal Assessor, External Moderator and Examiner, having worked for a number of national and international Examination Boards.

Andrea is an author of best selling Professional Development books, as well as pupil resources which sell internationally. She is regularly commissioned by national agencies to help them develop physical and creative activities and resources for national implementation for young people.

She is Head of Centre for Enter CIC’s private examination service.

Andrea is an award-winning advocate for developing resilience and opportunity in a wide range of communities.


Published author since 2000

Since 1998, Andrea has worked in an advisory role for a number of professional theatre and dance companies and artists. She has been instrumental in helping many dance companies turn their practical repertoire into a format which can be taught in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities as part of each relevant curriculum.

Andrea was the first person in the UK to provide this kind and depth of creative and educational consultancy.

Her methodologies have helped professional dance and theatre companies worked directly with school children in their own settings, as well as school teachers to understand the dance repertoire.

She has been commissioned by Phoenix Dance Theatre and created their first educational resource, Us Must Trust Us, based on Jonzi D’s work of the same name. This led to the company commissioning Andrea on a number of subsequent occasions. She was also a mentor / consultant in the early stages of developing the Phoenix Youth Academy, Leeds.

In addition, Andrea has been commissioned to produce resources for Northern Ballet Theatre and wrote their first educational resource for their touring production of Wuthering Heights.

In 2001, Andrea wrote Dance GCSEasy, the first textbook specifically for teachers of GCSE Dance, which included the first pupil workbook for Dance. This became a recommended text for GCSE Dance and became an international bestseller, being studied across the globe.

Andrea’s books are in the British Library and all good book stores.



Advocate for over 30 years

Andrea has always given great importance to the educational and creative growth of children and young people. Through her highly-structured, but accessible teaching methods, she has been able to achieve great success in challenging boundaries, upholding young people’s rights and freedoms as well as making education, health, arts, heritage and culture a bedrock of positive change.

Her seminal work with the Youth Sports Trust has enabled her to have a UK-wide impact on how children and young people (and in particular girls) engage with sport, physical activity and arts programmes. Her work, which continues to this day, created a template for how activities can be successfully implemented to achieve positive and long-lasting outcomes.

Andrea has written widely on the subject of engaging school teachers in being an enabler of growth and development for young people. Her books have sold internationally and have benefitted millions worldwide. 

Andrea and Dame Kelly Holmes collaborating on the national Girls Active project, which saw an increase in girls, nationally, engaged in school sport.

Volunteering Inspires


In 2010, Andrea spent months volunteering in Sri Lanka’s troubled south shore communities, supporting over 700 children, many made orphans by the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004.

She credits this experience with her wishing to set up a community-focused organisation, whose purpose would be to help people in isolated, disadvantaged or disaffected communities to discover opportunities outside their normal sphere of experience.

On her return to the UK, Enter CIC was born. 

Inspired by


Community is at the heart of Andrea’s vision. Communities, who may not be alike, but are driven by a positive forward (and upward) sense of mobility.

Andrea has directly raised the aspirations of thousands of people, hundreds of institutions and countless numbers inspired by her example.

Andrea was CDCF’s Inspirational Speaker at the Ladies’ Spring Lunch in 2015.

Andrea received a prestigious Chairman’s Medal in 2011.

“Even the longest of journeys is possible, as long as you travel together.”

Andrea Flynn

She has provided consultancy to schools and dance companies to support them in obtaining specialist arts status, establish training academies for young professional dancers and CPD for teachers.

Andrea has written numerous publications for an array of professional dance companies. She has received numerous commissions from national dance and sport agencies to create resources or lead national training programmes to create tomorrow’s dance and sport leaders. 

Andrea has been presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to regional, cultural Dance events. She has coordinated international events including developing and coordinating dance programmes.

Her drive, commitment and energy live on through these programmes even today.

He’s alright, Jack.

Andrea’s ex-student Jack P. Shepherd, alias, David Platt, Coronation Street

Andrea is highly respected in both the professional performance industry and educational fields.

She’s managed to successfully combine both worlds and has created countless opportunities for both professional performers and young people.

She has trained countless TV and West End stars and continues to inspire performers, businesses and education institutions through her inspirational guest speaking.

Andrea continues to create opportunities for all, seen through countless professionals working successfully in their chosen field, inspired and guided by her teaching, passion and commitment to the highest standards.

“Support has to be ongoing, it has to be a catalyst for a journey that starts today and never ends.”

Contact Andrea

Andrea and Enter CIC are always looking for new ways to partner with organisations, share best practice with partners and support aspirational programmes through consultancy and resource development.

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