Inclusivity is of paramount importance to Enter CIC. We are passionate in our belief that the world of artistic and creative activities should be open to all irrespective of age, ability, or complex learning requirement. We have witnessed first hand how young people with specific needs benefit from our programmes.

Our ability to acknowledge and fully comprehend that everyone learns differently is key to our success. When we devise programmes we try to identify the preferred learning style of the individual and then we try to centre the programme around this learning requirement/preference.

We have successfully integrated young people with specific learning requirements into our mainstream programmes. For some young people this is not possible and a one to one approach is required.

How do I enrol my child?

To book a place on our Arts Enabled programme, please call us on 01740 655437.

ARTS ENABLED (Learning Complex)    
– Monday’s 3+ from 4.30pm (please call to book a time) Tailored to individuals needs £5.00

What do people say about our sessions?

“…We are very fortunate to have a wide range of providers who can deliver activities for disabled children and young people in County Durham. Our short break programme has received national recognition and is jointly produced with disabled children, young people, parents and carers.

The Making Changes Together parents group were able to commission a range of innovative services for disabled children across the county. One such service that families identified as excellent was Enter CIC due to the imaginative approach that they adopt. It is very encouraging to see new organisations develop and provide real opportunities for disabled children and young people…”
Paul Mcginnety, Durham County Council

“The programme has been brilliant.It’s created a safe and caring environment where young people with complex learning needs can participate in artistic/creative activities through a personlised programme. Long may it continue”
Arts Enabled Parent

“It’s fun and they help us with our band!”
Arts Enabled Students