We have been very fortunate to receive donations of books from a number of different publishers for our Literacy Project. The titles we have received are absolutely brilliant and definitely make a difference in our efforts to improve literacy levels in young people. Please see below the companies who have provided Enter with over 150 books. Donations such as these are of paramount importance to Enter CIC and the initiatives we run in the community.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Waterstones, Random House, Pearson UK Publishers and Booktrust for their kind donations.

waterstonesnews waterstones

We received 26 books from Waterstones.

“We would like to wish Enter CIC every success for the future”

James Daunt, Managing Director

randomhousebooknews randomhouselogo We received 25 books from Random House

bookdonationnews pearson We were absolutely over the moon to receive 100 books from Pearson UK Publishers.
booktrustnews BT S.LOGO.RGB  We received over 30 books from BookTrust publishers