teenagechorus11Enter CIC presents Teenage Chorus and our latest song ‘Tell me what it’s like’. The song has been composed by three Enter CIC students Jack Mylchreest, Andrew Robertshaw and James Robson. These students worked with our resident musician Andy McIntyre and together created ‘Tell Me What Its Like’. Its a fantastic song and a fitting tribute to our brave soldiers currently serving in war zones in different parts of the world.

The song has now been adopted by the Rifles ‘Care for Casualties’ charity who will be using this as their theme tune. The song will still be available to buy from itunes.

“I am writing following an email from Paul Cocoran, on behalf of our regimental Care for Casualties Appeal, a ring fenced fund within our Rifles Regimental Trust for the care and support of casualties emanating from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Thank you so very much for your really generous donation of the proceeds from the song, “Tell me What Its Like; A Soldiers Tale.” We are very grateful both for that and also for the £400.00 cheque which you sent care of Coco who passed it on earlier this month. It is a great initiative, and something that goes outside our normal fundraising, so thank you for opening this door to us as a potential revenue stream.

Every penny raised by the appeal is extremely important to us, as it is only through continued support such as yours that we can have the confidence that we will have the funds available to continue to support our casualties, the wounded Riflemen, their families and the families of the fallen, for the many years of life ahead of them all. Please would you pass on our thanks to all who have been involved in this initiative”.

Rebecca Diaeisyiwsha
Regimental Headquarters
The Rifles


Presentation of cheque to the Rifles Care for Casualties.