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Enter cic presents

Charlie Activities

Cooking & activity videos for families

The themed video content below is being made available to families. It features step by step cooking videos, activity videos, healthy eating and socialising videos for play and education. Please contact us if you are home educating, or looking for resources to support education in your setting.

Dance and Sing Along

A world of pure imagination

Enter CIC engaged hundreds of children in this incredible, edible extravaganza.

Both an immersive performance and a cooking workshop, it showed children and their families how easy it is to cook warm, hearty meals with fresh, inexpensive ingredients.

The event had characters, role play, dance and drama participation, games, photo opportunities, skills development, advice and guidance, as well as a whole (Charlie) Bucket load of fun.



  • With soap, in warm (not too hot) water, before you start to cook.
  • Washing your hands before you start cooking makes sure that you don’t get any germs and dirt on your food before you cook it.
  • If you don’t was your hands, you and your family could get tummy ache or become poorly.

Be safe and be clean.