carol serviceOn Sunday 18th December 2011 students from our upper school group were invited to perform at a Christmas service at Ferryhill Methodist Church. It was a great opportunity for the young people to showcase their talents to the community. The following students participated in the performance, Kelsey Athey, Dane Clements, Samantha Hall, Nicole Hockridge, Lauren Major, Lauren Thompson, Lareesa Warner and Ruby Willetts. Sean Major and Otis King provided valuable support throughout the evening. The performers were accompanied by Andy McIntyre on piano and Tom Whalley supported the students via his vocal contribution.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Andrea Willetts and Kirtsy from Merles Hairdressers in Ferryhill who worked all afternoon to make sure that the girls hairstyles were beautiful and fitting for the occasion. I think you will all agree that they did a fantastic job. We would also like to wish Andrea Willetts a belated Happy Birthday!

The young people performed two extracts during the service these included Silent Night and O Holy Night. The group worked with Andy McIntyre (resident musician) from 10.00am on Sunday morning until 8.00pm on Sunday evening. They had a jammed packed day full of rehearsals. Even during break times the group opted to rehearse individual harmonies in their own time. Both Andrea and Andy were delighted by the young peoples enthusiasm and dedication. Their hard work paid off and they sang beautifully on the evening. You can see some of the comments from the evening below.

Example of students rehearsing acapella.     

Students at Enter CIC learn how to work with and without musical accompaniment when singing and performing generally.

The example of the left demonstrates students singing in harmony to no musical accompaniment at all. This form of singing is called ‘a capella’, which is Italian and means “in the manner of the chapel”, or “in the manner of the church”, as musical instruments were not used in very early church services.

Students must listen to each other’s harmonies as well as sing their own in order to keep the sound balanced and harmonised.

These students performed the whole of this in a live performance in front of a church congregation and they did exceptionally well as many were singing acapella for the first time ever!



Dear Friends,

May I on behalf of Ferryhill Methodist Church thank you most sincerely for your input into our carol service on Sunday 18th December 2011. Everybody enjoyed the contribution made by the staff and young people of Enter CIC. I have listed a selection of comments made by the congregation below. The Enthusiasm shown by staff and young people at the afternoon rehearsal certainly began to rub off on me and we as a church can’t wait to support and encourage Enter CIC in the New Year.

Yours Sincerely

Derek Staines

Please see below for some more comments from the congregation 


Would have loved them to have sang more
Lovely welcome
Looked great and could sing too
Who played piano made it talk?
I’m pleased I came
When are they coming back?
I didn’t know we had so much talent
The group looked great and sang great
Thanks for a great evening

They made the night

We would also like to comment on how smart the young people from Enter CIC looked. This was something that the congregation commented on and really appreciated.