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Written by Paul

30th November 2012

“Congratulations on the opening of your super new headquarters at Dean Bank. The building has been transformed, but yet retains its character. A wonderful effort by all. Its a shame to see another Church close in Ferryhill, but time moves on and I can’t think of a better organisation than Enter CIC to take over the Baptist Church. I’d like to wish you the best of luck for thechurchnewimage1 future. You all deserve it”

Derek Staines

“As a member of the local community I would have been sad to have seen another one of our iconic landmark buildings going into disrepair. Now Enter CIC have secured use of the building for all of the local community it is great to see the heritage of the building being kept and that it is going to be used for such worthwhile and community focused projects for all and young alike”

Simon Stewart

We are delighted to be in our new venue. As many of you are aware for the past two years Enter CIC have been utilising community venues. However, the demand for our provision made it necessary for us to secure premises from which we could run on a full time basis. Ferryhill Baptist Church proved to be the ideal venue. It was built at the turn of the century to provide miners with a place of worship. For many years it operated as a Sunday school and provided provision for many young children within the local community. As times changed the Baptist Church took on an array of different roles and remained as a centre of worship until 2012. In May 2012 the Church was put up for sale and this provided an opportunity for Enter CIC to investigate the possibility of securing the property. It is wonderful to think that by utilising the building we have secured its future ensuring that the heritage of this area isn’t lost. It is wonderful to think that we have come full circle and the church once again is alive with the sound of young peoples laughter and singing. We look forward to the coming years and to making this building the centre of a vibrant and inclusive community.

 Click here for the history of the building


A picture of the opening of the Baptist Church in 1909

IMG 9129

 A picture of the building in 2012.






  Pictures of the building inside.


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