artenabledflyerInclusivity is of paramount importance to Enter CIC. We are passionate in our belief that the world of artistic and creative activities should be open to all irrespective of age, ability, or complex learning requirement. We have witnessed first hand how young people with specific needs benefit from our programmes.

Our ability to acknowledge and fully comprehend that everyone learns differently is key to our success. When we devise programmes we try to identify the preferred learning style of the individual and then we try to centre the programme around this learning requirement/preference.

We have successfully integrated young people with specific learning requirements into our mainstream programmes. For some young people this is not possible and a one to one approach is required.

All of our programmes are open to young people of all abilities. If you would like to know about the provision we offer, please call 01740 655437.

We provide weekly provision on Monday evenings with our Arts Enabled programme. If you would be interested in joining our programme or to find out more information please call us on 01740 655437.