Christmas Truce Fields

Today we visited the Christmas Truce field, where the alleged football match between German and British soldiers took place on Christmas Day 1914. This site was commemorated with a donation box and a statue of an old 1914 football. It surprised our young people to learn that the truce was not, in fact, a singular event, but spanned many different areas across Belgium, where many German and British folk would sing Christmas Carols in their trenches and eventually went to no mans land to exchange gifts and stories to one another. Bruce explained to the young people that this football match would have been a small-scale match in which post would have been made out of makeshift shirts and the ball would most likely have been a bundled cloth. The time would also have been spent grabbing the dead and wounded and tending to those who required assistance in no man’s land.

After learning that the truce began with the German soldiers singing Stille Nacht, we decided to sing Silent Night (Stille Nacht).

If you listen carefully you will hear a clip sung in English and German!

Posted by Enter CIC on Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Today we visited the field where the Christmas Truce is known to have taken place during Christmas 1914. We thought it apt to pay homage to those soldiers who (on both sides of the conflict) put peace before war on the 24th December 1914. A wonderful example of how there is more that unites us than divides us! In the clip below, we stand in the footsteps of those men and sing an impromptu version of Silent Night.

Posted by Enter CIC on Tuesday, 14 August 2018