On Sunday, July 29th 2018, some of Enter’s upper school students were given a private tour of the Green Howards Museum, as part of our Heritage Lottery Funded ‘Over the Wire’ project.

The tour included a number of exciting opportunities to learn about the history of the regiment, the rules of war, engagement tactics, personalities and consequences of war.

Our students were able to try on a number of costumes, handle the war paraphernalia and ask a wide range of questions about the people, places and real world stories associated with wars.

We were overjoyed to receive some very interesting information about Private Fred Gaskin, his regiment and their operations on 1st July, 1916 (the first day of the Somme and the day on which Fred died).

We were so inspired by the tour, we came back to The Enter Centre afterwards and created an exclusive piece to commemorate the people who gave so much without a grumble or hesitation. Take a look below at some of the images our students and staff took during the visit.