Ploegsteert Memorial to the Missing is a breathtaking monument to the fallen of World War One. As well as singing, we took considerable time to look at the names on the walls and offer our thanks for their service and sacrifice. We signed the visitor book and everyone gathered to pay their respects to members of the Durham Light Infantry that were listed on the wall.

At Ploegsteert Memorial to the missing, we asked if it would be possible to sing The Lord’s Prayer and ‘Carved In Stone’. This request was prompted by our experience of looking at the names on the wall. We were particularly moved when we came across a list of names dedicated to those members of The Durham Light Infantry who lost their lives.

Although this was intended to be a private commemoration, a crowd soon gathered around us and showed their appreciation by applauding and talking with us about our experience so far on the project and the relevance of the memorial to our own family’s heritage. A woman who was part of another visiting party said,

“That singing was an unexpected pleasure. So moving. Your young people deliver with such understanding and respect. Thank you for that experience.”

Our Quotes:

“It’s very moving to see the great number of names on the wall on the inside of the memorial. It shows the mass death that occurred during World War One.”

“It’s very moving to look at the regimental badges on the graves and to recognise that these men had probably become great friends and were witnessing their comrades die in awful circumstances, every day.”

“Very moving to stand in this place and sing an original song. I hope the soldiers know that we are remembering them through our singing and we will never forget them.”