Making creativity accessible to all.

How does it all work?

  • Weekly fees are paid per ‘place’ at Enter.
  • Your place allows you to attend as many or as few weekly sessions as you wish (see below).
  • Enter’s sessions do not run during end-of-term school holiday periods and you do not pay for this ‘break’ in provision. We have always worked this way since our inception because we know this is valuable family time.
  • You can also take a further 1 week attendance break without losing your place.
  • You can increase or decrease your weekly attendance and your place will remain. However, the full fee remains payable weekly.
  • You can withdraw at any time and your place will be made available to others (re-enrolment is at our discretion and on condition of a place being available).
  • Anyone with or without a ‘place’ can attend optional holiday camps (separate rates apply).

Please call us on 01740 655437 for Class fees, BTEC, Instrument or Singing costs or feel free to Contact Us with general queries. All additional rehearsal sessions are completely free!