creativeartnewsAt our Open Day on Saturday 3rd November we had a competition for young people to create some firework inspired art. We had some great artwork from all age ranges and then asked our Upper School volunteers to select the winners and the reasons for their choices. You can see the chosen artwork below.

Abbieartwork eleanorartwork jackartwork

Abbie (Age 8) Feedback from our Upper School:
A creative piece that stood out because of the 3D
element. You can see a lot of thought has gone into     
it. It is colourful and interesting and left open to

Eleanor (Age 11)
Great attention to detail. She has
thought outside the box by creating       
the artwork on a cup.
Jack (Age 7)
Creative use of materials and spent       
a lot of time working on it.
Great Effort.
youngvolunteer1 youngvolunteer2 youngvolunteer3

Our Upper School students discussing the young peoples artwork.

matthewartwork jacktartwork
Matthew (Age 3)
A colourful and creative piece to show the
different firework effects.
Jack (Age 3)
Different use of materials and textures to create
the firework display.