HeadshotDarren Says:

“The Performing Arts aren’t just about learning to act, sing or dance. Yes, these things are part of it and great fun too but it doesn’t mean you can only go into a performing career. I grew up in the North East and took part in regular drama groups similar to Enter CIC. I studied drama at college, got my degree in contemporary theatre and worked as a professional dancer. But now I live in London and work for Endemol UK as part of their Development team coming up with new ideas for Reality TV series and gameshows.
On a day to day basis I have to generate and develop potential ideas for new shows. It’s an environment that demands maximum creativity. Most recently I have worked on Big Brother, 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow, The Whole 19 Yards and The Million Pound Drop. Without a background in the Performing Arts, I don’t think I’d be here now in this role. Taking part in courses like those offered by Enter CIC encourage you to challenge the way you think, to observe the world around you and to constantly ask questions – be curious! 
Regardless of whether you see a future for yourself performing, these creative skills can be transferred to any working environment to help problem solve, develop business ideas and make yourself more employable. Not only that – and at the risk of sounding like a total hippy – I honestly believe that involvement in creative practices can lead to a much more fulfilling life… (ok, so I did sound like a hippy but it’s true).”

Additional Info: Darren is a Development Researcher for Endemol TV, a television production company responsible for such favourite shows as Big Brother, Benidorm, Deal or No Deal, Ready Steady Cook, The Whole 19 Yards and The Million Pound Drop among others.