IMG 2906On Friday 10th May 2013, Enter CIC performed extracts from The Wind Road Boys at Easington Miners Welfare Institute. Enter CIC’s production team have been approached a number of times to tour the abridged version of The Wind Road Boys around the local mining communities. We were delighted to travel to Easington, where mining heritage and passion is still very much alive.

We were delighted to welcome Grahame Morris MP forĀ Easington (and his Consort Michelle Morris) and David Boyes, County Councillor for Easington to the performance.

IMG 2721This was another great performance opportunity for our young people in the lead up to our Gala Theatre performance of The Wind Road Boys. It was also a fantastic opportunity for our young students interested in production skills and technical theatre. Our students were responsible for designing and running all aspects of lighting and sound for the production. This experience will be evidenced in their Arts Award portfolio.

The audience were stunned by the performance and everyone could relate to the story being told. We received some fantastic feedback and it is great to hear that The Wind Road Boys can reignite the passion of a community steeped in mining history. Take a look at the feedback below. Have a look at some images and a short video from the performance below. For more information about The Wind Road Boys click here.

“Very professional performance – Believable, powerful message in the story being told. Great characterisation. Loved it. I would be very happy to promote”.

Grahame Morris MP, Easington.

“Very stirring anthems and powerful story. Enjoyed the humour as well in the solicitors’ office. The actor who played George was excellent. The young people put their hearts and souls into their performances. The Easington Banner was a good touch”.
Michelle Morris.

“Throughly enjoyed the performance. Well done everyone. It is extremely important that we keep on reminding the younger members of our community about our mining heritage and the customs and way of life of our our forefathers (and mothers).”
Councillor David Boyes

“That was told with real feeling and understanding”
Dora Laverick.

“Very touching story and great performance”
Lee Byrne.

“Very impressed with the production. Well done everyone and good luck for the future”
Mrs J Lennox.

“The opening number was very powerful. A lot of it was very emotional and triggered feelings belonging to my roots that I’d thought were gone”.
S. Robinson.

“We want more of this song and dance telling of a story”
Norman Smith.

“Very touching story and great performance.”
Elizabeth Byrne.

“I really enjoyed the whole performance the singing was so professional”

“The use of flashbacks to help propel the story works well and the enthusiasm and professional standards produced by the cast are astounding.”
Don Tapping.