localgivingnewsWe are delighted to announce that we are now on Localgiving.com. Localgiving.com is the UK’s leading fundraising website. They are a not-for-profit organisation that help charities and community groups to raise money for their worthy cause.

How does it work?
On our page we have a list showing examples of how your donation can help Enter CIC, you can donate as little Donate to local charities at Localgiving.comor as much as you can and all donations will go towards future provision for our young people at Enter CIC. So, if you donate £10, that turns into £12.50 with Gift Aid. Minus commissions (which Localgiving.com and their partners use to maintain and improve websites for charities, supporters and partners) that means Enter CIC would receive £11.54 from your £10 donation. If you do not claim Gift Aid, we will receive £9.16 of your £10 donation.

Take a look at our Localgiving.com page by clicking here.