If you have ever wanted to create your own songs, then Enter Rock is for you. These sessions are designed to give you a practical insight into the composition and playing skills needed to get your master work written, played and heard.

The sessions teach students how to play a variety of instruments, including: guitar, bass, percussion, piano and ukulele. The skills are then transferred into a band scenario, practicing the most important skills in music, such as playing in time, rhythm, staying in key/tune and adding the emotion through dynamics to create great music. The music theory side of the sessions educates our students about composing music, transcribing, transposing, time signatures, scales and keys – all vital information no matter which route you take as a musician. The sessions are predominantly based around collaboration and working in groups to create music.

Past members of the Enter Rock programme have created songs for Help for Heroes (available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, etc – all profits go to Durham Rifles).

Recently our Enter Rock members were personally invited by MP Phil Wilson to enter a song into the Rock The House competition (judged by senior EMI producers, industry professionals and musicians). They entered the music studio and wrote, played and recorded their own composition, which reached the second stage in this illustrious national competition.

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To enquire about enrolment, call 01740 655437 or use the form below.

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