Enter CIC are passionate about providing volunteering opportunities for people of any age. We understand that people volunteer their time for a number of different reasons including the need to develop different skills for the work place, social interaction, develop confidence, improve health, or simply the need to introduce a new challenge/experience into their lives.

We know that people who volunteer their time often have local knowledge and an understanding of their community needs. We recognise that volunteers are the backbone of good institutes and have found without exception that a volunteering work force is a powerful one.

Our volunteers do not need formal qualifications, or a particular set of skills. All you need is a little bit of time and a willingness to get involved.


We aim to provide volunteers with a comprehensive introduction to the company. We always familiarise people with our policies and teaching methodologies. Where appropriate we provide job specifications and advise on how your time can be put to good use. You will find yourself working alongside our coaches, teaching team and like-minded people.

We provide opportunities for volunteers to acquire qualifications or undergo opportunities for upskilling. However, this is optional and not a prerequisite for involvement with Enter CIC.

All our volunteers undergo an Enhanced CRB Disclosure and acquire a Matron/Chaperone licence from Durham County Council.

We know that people of all ages are looking for volunteering opportunities. Therefore, we provide placements for people of all ages. Sharing new experiences with people, learning news skills, developing confidence and facing new challenges affects everyone irrespective of age. There is always a place for anyone at Enter CIC.

Our Volunteers get to choose how many hours they spend and work they do at Enter. We tailor make our volunteering programme depending on the volunteers availability and interests.

We have a very wide range of opportunities including the following:

  • Administration
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Drumming
  • Musical instruments
  • Computer technology
  • Reception duties
  • Community engagement and outreach
  • Teaching placements
  • Marketing
  • Web designer/development
  • Pastoral leaders
  • Set design
  • Youth work
  • Costume
  • Front of house
  • Backstage crew

Giving up your time can be incredibly rewarding, especially when it’s helping someone out. We know that for many people picking up the phone and calling a new group, or attending a session for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, but please don’t worry. Here at Enter you will be welcomed with open arms and find that you very quickly fit into the Enter CIC family. If you have the time and would be interested in joining us, please call us on 01740 655437 for a non-obligation chat. Click here to see our current team.