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Entertainment Cafe


Written by Paul

16th June 2014

On Saturday 14th June 2014 we hosted our first ‘Entertainment Cafe’ at The Enter Centre. The ‘Entertainment Cafe’ project, funded by the AAP 4 Together Partnership is an inter-generational event bringing young and old together.

Following on from the success of our previous inter-generational event last year we decided to apply to a local AAP funding pot in the hope that we could secure some funding to host moreentertainmentcafe4 inter-generational performance events. The general community had to vote for the projects that they wanted to support and Enter CIC were delighted to come top of the poll gaining most community votes which ensured that our inter-generational performance project entitled ‘The Entertainment Cafe’ could go ahead. This meant that we received funding to conduct four different events throughout the year aimed at people in our community over the age of 60.

entertainmentcafe1The first event on Saturday 14th June 2014 was a huge success. Over 100 people over the age of 60 attended and enjoyed a performance by the brilliant young people from Enter CIC. They were served refreshments and cakes at the event and thoroughly enjoyed being able to get together in a safe and inspiring environment.  As the audience entered the performance venue they were greeted by members of Enter CiC’s Upper School who as always were attentive and polite and delighted in being able to converse with elderly people from their community.

The performance event focused on our lower school children and the audience were amazed as they observed children as young as four years of age step up to the microphones and delivered some well known musical extracts. We were inundated with with comments about the confidence of Enter CIC young people and their eloquent delivery of verse and prose extracts from well known authors.

‘A great way to bring young and old together’4-Together
G. Simpson

A particularly poignant moment was when performers from our Upper School took to the stage and gave a sneak preview of one of our new entertainmentcafe6songs for our new show entitled ‘Home Fires’ which is to be performed at Auckland Castle in July 2014 to commemorate the First World War. The extract brought tears to many eyes and the silence in the room at the end of performance was tangible. A true mark of respect for our fallen heroes. A particular favorite of the audience was the extract from Flanders Field which once again brought a tear to the eye.

On Sunday 15th June we decided that it would be nice to invite parents of our Lower School to come and see their children perform and show them what they entertainmentcafe3have been working on at Enter over the past few weeks.

All of our young people at Enter continue to amaze audiences wherever they go, they are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. The feedback we received was outstanding as always. Take a look at some of the comments and pictures from the day below:

‘The pre-show welcome was really nice. The children were courteous, polite and helpful. The show was well organised. The children well spoken and very confident. Lovely to see the young ones too. A very enjoyable show and such well behaved children. well done everyone’
M Smurthwaite
‘There are not enough superlatives! Brilliant to see the range of age groups performing so well together and obviously enjoying themselves. Congratulations to all involved! Once again a pleasure to see. Thank you’
‘Fantastic show, couldn’t wish for anything better. Young ones are so confident – all wonderful singers. A pleasure to listen to. No doubt some will have great future’
C. Mortimer
‘A thoroughly enjoyable performance. So much enthusiasm from the young children and young adults alike. So confident, making for a very happy occasion. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next performance’
U. Wilson
‘A wonderful afternoon’s entertainment; a great credit to all of you. If there were a few more people like you in the country it would give a lot of children a chance in life. Keep up the good work’
B. Slater
‘Another great performance by all involved. Every penny received in funding is well deserved’
J. James
As always an excellent performance. Precision and direction great. All credit to those who have trained the young people. The dedication of all children and the team is obvious. They conveyed their own enthusiasm and pleasure in taking part’
K. Tate
‘Truly marvelous as expected. Grateful for the experience. Our community is richer for having you’
Bill Tate
‘Once again a lot of happy people in Ferryhill. Well done to everyone. Lots of great comments about today. It’s great to see our older people with smiles on their faces. You have done us proud once again. Thank you’
Derek Staines


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