Enter CIC is keen to provide opportunities for young people to raise their level of skill in a range of activities. As well as providing young learners and older volunteers with such opportunities, we are aware that such devotion to their personal development should be rewarded with meaningful accreditation.

Enter CIC operates as an approved centre which offers BTEC, Arts Awards and a number of other arts-related examination syllabus programmes. This ensures that any young person studying with us has the opportunity to gain a recognised, formal qualification from their talents and engaging in the activities that inspire them to do well.

Many of the programmes we offer enable the students to start to gain accreditation from a very young age, fostering a thirst for knowledge of arts and culture, which can be applied to any future goals. Both BTEC and Arts Award (Gold) enable students to gain UCAS points toward any University study.

The way in which we personalise and differentiate learning programmes is unique and often allows the student to achieve dual accreditation in a number of art forms and examination syllabi.