“Gosh, what an amazing performance. Your students excelled in every aspect. They didn’t simply tell the story of ‘The Gospels’; they brought it to life. We have here in County Durham the most special Christian heritage and throughout this summer we have had so many opportunities to celebrate that heritage. Your creative interpretation through dance, drama and music within the magnificent setting of our cathedral was so very special. To all who contributed to the performance my sincere congratulations. All of the hard work came to fruition resulting in an evening which will always be remembered by those who participated and those who, like me, were privileged to be present.”
Sue Snowdon, Lord-Lieutenant of County Durham

“Well done to you all’
Mrs Pauline Charlton, Mayor and Chair of Durham County Council.

“Could you please let the organisers of Saturday’s concert know how much we enjoyed it and how impressed we all were by both the performance and the behaviour of the children. The standard of singing and dancing was incredible and the whole show was an absolute joy”
Margaret Wilson (on behalf of all the concert stewards)

“What a wonderful evening Enter CIC gave us on Saturday with the production of The Young Person’s Guide to The Lindisfarne Gospels in the magnificent Durham Cathedral. St Cuthbert’s life and the journey of his body from Lindisfarne to Durham Cathedral was performed with great reverence and professionalism. Great credit must go to Andrea Flynn and her staff for the great dedication they show to our youth and children. Once again, well done on your performance. When you get a standing ovation in Durham Cathedral, led by the Lord Lieutenant of County Durham, Mrs Sue Snowdon, you are certainly going places.”
Councillor Brian Avery

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend The Wind Road Boys. What a terrific performance. You portrayed our heritage skilfully and sensitively. Your cast were superb. I know how much planning and hard work goes into a production and all involved are to be congratulated on the standard of performance. I have this morning read with great interest your mission statement ‘Aspirations and opportunities’. You are certainly reaching your goals as Linda and I experienced on Wednesday evening you are giving young people the opportunity to enrich their lives. It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet you all. Please pass on my best wishes to your team and cast.”
Sue Snowdon, Lord-Lieutenant, Her Majesty The Queen’s personal representative

“I was so pleased to accompany Sue last night at the Gala Theatre. The production was outstanding, amazing and so good.”
Linda Smith County Durham Lieutenancy Office

“It was a great night. The performance was brilliant and I know everyone enjoyed it – the standing ovation said it all.”
Mr Phil Wilson, MP Sedgefield

“IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! I was able to attend with my colleague and we were both bowled over. In a way, I knew what to expect because I knew the standard of your productions, but my colleague Julie was blown over. We laughed and cried and the message about communities was right on the money.”
Carole Payne Head of Early Intervention and Involvement Durham County Council

“I made the show on Wednesday night…it was fantastic!! Well done to you and everyone involved…it was very emotional.”
Louise Fewster, Head of News, Star Radio

“It was fantastic to see the show and learn about what you do. As I mentioned at the time, it certainly is quite unique and something that we greatly admire. Congratulations once again on the show, particularly the standing ovations”
Ryan Macaulay, Josef Weinbergers Ltd

“The whole show was so touching and gave everyone the feeling of community spirit and a look back to the hard times encountered in the past.”
Pauline Crathorne, County Councillor, Ferryhill

“Thank you so much for last night we all loved it and are excited at the prospect of the show at the Cathedral. I was at Finchdale School today and they told me how much they had also enjoyed The Wind Road Boys.”
Councillor Amanda Hopgood, County Councillor, Durham

“Can I just say thank you so much for inviting me last night to the Wind Road Boys, I absolutely loved it, it was fantastic, well done to everyone, and I know the vice chair and his wife and Cllr Avery loved every minute of it. Well done all of you and thank you again!”
Paula Nixon, Community Development Project Officer, 4 Together Area Action Partnership (AAP)

“Thank you for a wonderful evening. It was very uplifting and emotional. I had a tear in my eye on several occasions. Those young people are inspiring and so well drilled. They really look like they are enjoying themselves and are a real credit to all your hard work.”
Barbara Gubbins, County Durham Community Foundation
“It was a fantastic performance, your cast were absolutely tremendous from the moment we entered the door to the moment we left. Their hosting skills were a credit to you, not only are they learning performance and cultural arts and crafts, but people and life skills too which will make them streets ahead of others when they move on to further education and career choices.”
Vivien Stapley, The Sir James Knott Trust
“I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and thought the performance was fantastic. Praise must be given to all those involved as the hard work and dedication was plain to see. It was evident throughout the show that Enter has some really talented performers of all ages”
Councillor Elizabeth Bruce, Mayor of Chilton
“I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it moving, inspirational and funny at the same time. The harmonies and direction were first class and the talent on display awesome. We wish Enter CIC all the best for the future, which I’m sure will be very bright indeed”
Michael Banks, Deputy Chief Constable, Durham Constabulary
“The young people were truly inspirational and a delight to watch”
Councillor Christine Potts
“WOW what an amazing professional performance of Spirit of Christmas by Enter CIC last night – well done”
Raring to Go – Tees Durham
The magic of Christmas came early for 120 people in Ferryhill on Sunday night. Not Santa but ENTER CIC performing at the Methodist Church. What a magical Christmas present for all. The service packed with young people performing to the highest possible standards. The younger kids probably stole the show, but to see how the older youths have grown in statue is unbelievable. The singing and harmonies were tremendous and the excellent performance was a joy to watch. Your hard work and enthusiasm shines through like a large beacon and has started to rub off in the community. Please wish everybody connected with Enter CIC a MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope all your wishes come true for the future . From one of your many many supporters.
Derek Staines
What a superb performance on Sunday evening. Very well done indeed. We can’t wait for more. Our congratulations and many thanks.
Ann Bower
A brilliant night. Thank you so much.
Valerie Watson
Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thank you.
Dawn Milner
An excellent group. Happy Christmas
Very well done. You should be on TV ” Stars of the future”
Well done you are all very talented. Keep it up.
Congratulations you just keep getting better. Brilliant evening.
A credit to Ferryhill. All the very best for the future.
Thank you for using my poem. There are lots more!
Nancy Hardy
You are real professionals. Good Luck for the future. God bless you all.
Margaret and Brian Shepherd
Fantastic show wonderful entertainment
Thank you for a wonderful evening, it was a very professional performance.
Nancy and Ken

“We recently attended Durham Cathedral to watch ‘The Young Person’s Guide to The Gospels’, performed by Enter CIC. What an amazing production – dialogue, choreography, singing and dancing all brilliant. Each and everyone of the cast gave a first class professional performance. Congratulations and well done to everyone involved – the standing ovation at the end was truly deserved”
Doreen Barber and Zena Roddam

“Brilliant show worth travelling from London for well done”
Kat Winskill

“Awesome-so talented-an inspiration to all keep it up”
Enid Alderson

“Absolutely stunning, well done to you all. Very inspirational and fantastic dedication. A privilege to be here”
Andrew Howard (Mur of Ord, Inverness)

“Another amazing performance, so much talent from the young people”
T Cullen

“Amazing performance, so many talented children – excellent”
Susan Dent

“I am writing on behalf of ViVo! to thank you, and the young people from Enter, for your participation in the recent Summer Concert. Many of the Choir and audience had not seen the Group previously and were ‘blown away’. Some of the Choir admitted to shedding a tear at the beauty and power of the singing. May I take this opportunity to commend you and the young people for the professional attitude they portrayed both on and off the stage. They were an absolute credit to their peer group, the community and their chosen profession. I sincerely hope that we may have the opportunity to work together again in a future Concert. The Choir stage 3 Charity Concerts a year. Would you please pass on our grateful thanks to everyone who took part in the Event”
Trudi Ranson (ViVo! Sec.)

“I just wanted to give massive credit where its due. Tonight was the first time I’d seen any of your performances and it was out of this world. They’re all fabulous and best of all you can tell they absolutely love it”
Andrea Robinson X

“What can I say except wow wow wow what a fantastic day we have had at DIDO. I loved it and I know all DIDO members thought you were great too. Thank you so much for coming to join us this afternoon and entertaining us. Each and every one of you were fab and you are all a credit to your family, friends, teachers, mentors and the community. Well done and the very best of luck to all for the future”
Ann and all the members of DIDO

“It’s almost beyond words to express appreciation of what’s going on at Enter. It gives more senior citizens hope for the future knowing we have young people so gainfully participating in the community. Well done all!”
DIDO Member

“Best entertainment I’ve seen for many years. Unbelievable talent”
H. Myers

“Although not from a mining community, I am married to it. The performance was excellent. A few more organisations around the country like yours I’m sure would make it a much better place to live in, keep up the good work”
DIDO Member

“Well done to all the young people today. The best entertainment at DIDO. Hope to see you again”
E. Ward

“I think it is a marvellous opportunity for young people to get involved and they put their heart and souls into the performance”
J Brian

“What a privilege to have such talented young people in our community and also for reminding us of our mining heritage. Keep up the good work; please be aware of our continued support. Well done”
DIDO Member

“Incredible, brilliant, wonderful, the young people are a massive credit to you and everyone concerned. Every single person is so talented. Not just my words but everyone in the room. You should all be so proud as I was of you all”
Debbie Ridley, Star Radio Key Account Manager

“I took my partner and two children (aged 11 and 9) to see The Wind Road Boys and we absolutely loved it. I thought it was a very moving show and the quality of performance was amazing.”
Christine Rackley Head of Grants and Donor Services County Durham Community Foundation

“We had a great night, especially when we went back stage and met the cast. I not sure what you modified on the 2nd half, but I thought it was better than the Sunderland Show.”
David Cadman

“We really enjoyed The Wind Road Boys on Wednesday. It was absolutely fantastic – I cried so much it was ridiculous but there were also some very funny parts (Mr Salt and Mr Corrigan were amazing). The young people were incredible and so talented and the little ones are so cute. I’m sure you’ve heard it from lots of people but it’s an amazing thing that you are doing with the young people and it’s been a pleasure to have worked with you and them – I hope we can work with you again in the future.”
Helen Barker, Head of Community Participation, Beamish Museum

“You’ve done it again! This was even better than the Sunderland performance and that was excellent!
A truly uplifting and emotional experience for all of the members of Northern Acchord who were`Proud` to share the stage with some very talented young stars of the future. You never cease to amaze us with your abilities. Keep up the good work.”
Dave Tyson, chair Northern Acchord

“Dear Andrea & Paul, Thank you for inviting us to take part in your wonderful musical, again the guys thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it all again, or something new. I must congratulate you on the behaviour of the children, they were so quiet and polite and they always said thankyou when we held doors or stood back for them. They were a credit to Enter and you. Many thanks again”
David Percy, Northern Acchord

“Firstly, I would like to congratulate you all on your outstanding performance of The Wind Road Boys. I was fortunate enough to see it on the Tuesday afternoon with my Yr 6 class from Cotsford Junior School, in Horden – the class had been covering Britain since 1948; taking particular interest in their mining community. I was so overwhelmed with the performance; the actors both young and old and the emotion that they all brilliantly portraid throughout! So much so, that I booked for the evening performance on the Tuesday too – with my family. Amazing! Thankyou for enlighting us all on the lives of the ‘miners’ and helping us to understand”
Michelle Bainbridge

“I was privileged to attend the Wednesday evening performance of The Wind Road Boys, at Durham’s Gala Theatre. What a great show your organisation and its youthful members put on. It was indeed truly worthy of a place in the West End, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Many talented performers led us on a journey, with laughter, charm, pathos and hope. But amidst many memorable performers, I will remember the enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of the youngsters, which is what the stage is all about. Please convey my appreciation of the performances to the cast and crew, and I wish you many future success’s as you build upon this.”
Malcolm Marsden

“Well done to all who took part in last night’s show (12th June) at Durham Gala Theatre. It was a brilliant show full of excellent actors young and old. A moving story told with lots of pride and passion. Good luck to all for the future Im sure a lot will go on to more success on stage.”
Keith Mollon

Dear Friends, You never fail to amaze me, you seem to raise the bar in every project you tackle. Once again your performance at the Gala Durham was of the highest possible standard and you should all take great acclaim from this. I really felt the warmth between the cast and the audience on Wednesday night – long may it last.
Derek Staines

“Was absolutely fantastic! Everyone did great! Made me cry! Keep up the good work guys!”
Amber King

“Dear Andrea and all the staff at Enter CIC. We would like to thank you for all your hard work, long hours and commitment over the last 6 months. The show was off the charts and extremely professional. Our daughter Beth has been attending Enter CIC since January and always speaks highly of the staff and teaching. Thank you for all you do at Enter CIC. Well done”
Julie and Tim Sutherland

“Was absolutely brilliant. Really appreciate the time and effort spent by all at Enter and was so proud of Joe. Difficult to distinguish some of the upper school from the actual employed actors – the two solicitors should go far. You are all true professionals!”
Wendy Houston

“It was absolutely amazing and the new song under the banner was fantastic all the kids were amazing and they deserved the standing ovation”.
Lyndsey Maddison

“That was stunning – loved all the new bits – Salt and Corrigan were hysterical – Under the Banner was amazing against the video background. Didn’t think Sunderland could be topped but well done, amazingly fantastic.”
Anne Hall

“What an awesome show. I didn’t think it could get any better than last year but you’ve all surpassed yourselves. Well done.”
Hazel Clements

“Well another cracking performance from Enter CIC you were all fantastic pleased i took plenty of tissues again lol and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving my daughter a chance to have such an amazing experience”
Joanne Simmons

“Was absolutely fantastic loved every second of it tonight”
Emma Whelan

“Well done to All at Enter crew and cast great performance tonight at the Gala theatre thanks for everything you do with Jake he made me so proud”
Craig Lee

“Well Done To All at Enter fabulous night at tonight’s performance, and second what Craig said. Appreciate everyone’s help with Jake he does us all proud and has so much fun as well Thank you.”
Dawn Lee

“Wow!! After watching show last year at Sunderland I didn’t think it could get any better but Durham Gala’s show last night had me crying and laughing again! Absolutely outstanding performance once again and all the hard work by everyone involved certainly paid off – WELL DONE”
Tracy Gough

“Was an absolutely brilliant night, thoroughly enjoyed it, was so professional, congratulations one and all!”
Michael Wileman

“How fantastic this show was, I laughed and cried my way through it. Brilliant professional”
Helen Rutherford

“Tonight was fantastic! I really didn’t think last years show at the Empire could be bettered, but boy you all blew it out of the water. It was poignant, heartwarming and heart breaking all in one! So so very proud of everyone involved, and you all should be of yourselves! A local story told by local heroes, and soooooo much talent! Well done”.
Julie Gibson

“What a night! It was fantastic I thought it was good at Sunderland but tonight was amazing! Thank you so much for making it possible for my daughter to have all of these amazing opportunities. Well done everyone”.
Lesley Obrien

“What an amazing opportunity for the youngsters. The show was FABULOUS, made me cry! Well done to everyone involved you should be extremely proud of what you have achieved”.
Rachel Raper