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Healthy Lifestyles

Written by Paul

3rd April 2016

One of our main objectives is to provide young people with an understanding of how their bodies work and how they can take care of them.

We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy in our everyday lives. Enter CIC has been able to devise and deliver a comprehensive Healthy Lifestyle workshop programme in schools and community venues.

To accompany the workshops we have created an online resource jam-packed with information, videos and interactive content to engage young people.

We are passionate about teaching young people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. These workshops are designed to increase young peoples awareness of healthy living. The school children will participate in dance, rhymes and games, learning about healthy lifestyles in a fun and engaging environment. We have created our own healthy lifestyle website dedicated to providing relevant information for young people to follow and easily understand.

Take a look at the website by clicking here.

We put together some great tasting recipes for our healthy lifestyle website. It features easy to make salads, smoothies, sandwiches, children’s lunch boxes and meals for all the family. The recipes are available to download and video instructions are there to assist you in preparing a great meal.

Our workshops are suitable for all age ranges. We can provide full day workshops working with all year groups or we can work with specific age groups, please call 01740 655437 to discuss your requirements.

“Working with local schools and youth workers, hundreds of local young people were involved in this project and every one of them achieved something exceptional.”
Carole Payne, Head of Early Intervention and Partnership, Children and Young People’s Services, Durham County Council.

“An excellent session which got the children working to raise their heartbeats in a fun and exciting way. All children joined in the dance activities without exception. Well organised and fast paced.”
Mrs Reilly O’Donnell, Head Teacher

“I thought the session was informative and built upon work we had touched on last term. The children were enthusiastic throughout and willing to participate. This was largely due to the pace of the delivery which was paced correctly. The fact that the children were engaged and appeared more energised after the session suggests to me that this will enhance their ability to learn more effectively. I would definitely recommend this session to others. Please feel free to visit again. We will look forward to it.”
Amanda Miles, Year 4 Class Teacher

We conducted free workshops in the following schools:
West Cornforth Primary School, Framwellgate Moor Primary, Cleves Cross Primary School, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Cotsford Junior School, Dean Bank Primary School, Middlestone Moor Primary School, Ferryhill Station Primary School, Bishop Middleham Primary School, Chilton Primary School, Sedgefield Hardwick Primary School, King Street Primary School, Coxhoe Primary School, Byers Green Primary School, Kirk Merrington Primary School. All of these schools will be given free access to the new Enter CIC Healthy Lifestyle Website

To begin each session the young people were taught the Mr Beat Rhyme which the children thought was a fun and exciting way to learn about the heart and how it works. Before any exercise our coaches explained the importance of warming up to get the blood pumping around the body to avoid injury. The children then took part in a warm up session which they thought was excellent and they even got to do some street dance moves as well.

At the start of each session we ask the pupils how they are feeling. At the end of the activities we ask the children to fill in some worksheets and discuss how they are feeling now. Using this data we can ascertain a basic level of fitness for the pupils and if needed we give advice on how to improve.

All Children from Reception to Year Six participated in the sessions. Each class had rhyme games, activities and movement exercises designed to teach the young people the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

We also noticed the teachers joining in!

We also provided local community group The Ladder Centre with some healthy lifestyle workshops. The young people participated in a number of different activities to raise fitness levels
and help the young people understand the importance of healthy living. The young people were shown our healthy lifestyle website that is dedicated to providing important information and interesting facts to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Lifestyles programme helped over 4000 children and their families learn about healthy eating, preparing healthy meals, exercise and taking care of the body. We conducted a large amount of in depth research, working with professionals and local health service providers to combat obesity and promote health and wellbeing for children and families.

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