Settle North was our 2019-2020 Heritage project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We are looking at the role of the lesser known personalities who built the Spennymoor Settlement up from being a place to support local people down on their luck, to one of the most creative environment for people such as Sid Chaplin, Arnold Hadwin, Tom McGuinness and Norman Cornish. Two people were at the heart of making the Spennymoor Settlement such an amazing breeding ground for talent, Bill and Betty Farrell. We hope we told their story well.


We have engaged a large group of people in the research, development and execution of our ‘Living Exhibitions’ as we toured the exhibitions across the Durham area. We have also been lucky enough to have partnered with Beamish Museum and had the pleasure of learning from family members of those artists from the Spennymoor Settlement whose fame spread across the world.

Remembrance 2021

Remembrance isn’t just in thought, but in deed.

Our Remembrance 2021 event was a thought-proving and powerful, immersive digital and live-action performance. We recreated The Blitz era and the myriad of human stories that did and continue to give us provide in our ability to support each other and even thrive in times of great, national grief.

Heritage Lottery Fund

We are extremely grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund, without which we would not be able to bring these dying memories and long-passed people to life. We believe that you do heritage a greater service, not by taking from the past, but by taking it to the future.

Funding helps us to work with young people, experts, members of the public and others who have been directly involved or directly impacted by the events and people we rediscover in new and exciting ways that benefit people today. We’d like to extend a special thanks to players of the National Lottery who help to make all this possible.

project website

We launched our Settle North website containing an array of articles, images, movies, feedback, research and timelines.

“It is a wonderful feeling, to discover that people of yesterday had the same hopes and dreams as we do today. I have enjoyed getting to know those people better and to be able to tell their distant stories and give them new life in our modern age. It makes me wonder who will tell my story in years to come.”  GF, Project participant, age 15.