Here at Enter we are used to welcoming famous faces in a variety of teaching roles, guest lectures and in the form of patrons. However, on Wednesday evening we were delighted to welcome a very famous face to our production of The Wind Road Boys. In the audience we had Hollywood star Matthew Lewis, best known for his role as Nevillematthewlewis Longbottom in the blockbuster film series ‘Harry Potter’.

At the end of the show, Matthew came backstage to meet the cast. The young people were star struck and couldn’t believe a well known film star was watching them perform. It was very aspirational for our young people and we would like to thank Matthew for taking the time out of his busy filming schedule to attend the show in support of Enter and to talk to our students. As you can imagine they were delighted to have their picture taken with Matthew. He was extremely impressed with the quality of the performance and the talent of our young people.

A huge thanks to Matthew for attending the performance and we look forward to welcoming him to future productions.