Our original musical production ‘Home Fires’ had its premiere at Auckland Castle in August 2014. The show pieces together real soldier and families’ stories into a montage of what life was like for soldiers and those left at home during World War 1. It was originally created by writer and composer Paul Flynn for the beginning of the Centenary commemorations of World War 1, to reflect upon and honour those who had given their lives and hearts to protecting the liberties of future generations.
  • Mrs Sue Snowdon, Lord Lieutenant, County Durham

    I was privileged to be in your audience on Tuesday evening. I was overwhelmed by the power and standard of your performance; you absolutely excelled in every respect. ‘Home Fires’ is a unique piece of work, beautifully crafted and you captured the passions and emotions of this sensitive subject superbly. We must never forget all those whose lives have been touched by the tragedy of war and conflict. To all involved in ‘Home Fires’ thank you for such a memorable evening, it is certainly one which I will never forget.
  • Councillor Amanda Hopgood

    Just wanted to say thank you for another wonderful performance last night. As usual you were all fantastic it is always a pleasure to see you.
  • Mrs Stapley

    Congratulations on another marvellous production from Enter CIC and in such an appropriate and atmospheric venue of Auckland Castle. I can appreciate very much how much research, preparation and hard work everyone at Enter has contributed towards this poignant and powerful production – it really brought the tragedy of war home, and yet remained uplifting. I hope very much your valuable work continues and that you have a successful visit to Edinburgh.
  • County Durham Community Foundation

    Congratulations to Enter CIC for an excellent, poignant and moving performance last night at Auckland Castle. Their Homes Fires productions was another amazing experience.
  • WW2 Veteran

    Having seen this for the second time, what an amazing and outstanding group of performers. The venue was fantastic and the whole story so powerful and emotive. Enter CIC you are amazing and deserve every credit you get. Thank you for helping us to remember.
  • LJ, Auckland Castle

    What a fantastic performance! I really hope to work with you all again in the near future. You are all welcome back to Auckland Castle at anytime!
  • RR, Auckland Castle

    Absolute pleasure working with each and everyone of you. Such an amazing performance!
  • JR, Auckland Castle

    They’re still talking about this production at the Castle!
  • E.S, Durham

    Been tonight to see Home Fires. What a superb set of young people the performance was exceptional. Their performance would not be out of place in the Royal Albert Hall in November. Congratulations all on a job well done and thank you.
  • G.P., Durham

    Another absolutely brilliant first class performance. Poignant, thought provoking and also full of fun. Well done everyone. Great work by tech guys too and all those behind the scenes.
  • C.M., Durham

    Well done for a truly wonderful performance last night. I was blown away and you had my mum crying (again!). I was so impressed with how you tackled such emotional and sensitive scenes; and the songs and complicated harmonies were just spot on-really superb. I’m so incredibly proud of you all. Best of luck for your final performance.
  • J.J., Durham

    It was a beautiful show! Your talents are incredible. A huge thank you to the hard work and dedication of the Enter CIC staff who work tirelessly to provide these amazing opportunities for these kids.
  • P.W. Ferryhill

    To say it was moving is quite the understatement. A truly professional, powerful and emotion filled performance that had many in tears, myself included. The performers were superb, filled with passion and belief of the story and the tech crew spot on as always. Another Enter CIC triumph!
  • J.M.R

    Brilliant, most moving and amazing piece of theatre – real life brought home. We will remember you all and those who inspired you.
  • C.M.

    Incredible! So moving! Such truthful performances; you should all be so proud.
  • L.F., W.C. and V.W.

    Emotional, thought provoking. We Will Remember Them thanks to the fantastic Enter performance. Brilliant performance. First time I’ve seen Enter perform. Fantastic x. Words cannot express how proud we are of you.
  • Awe-inspiring. M. & D. C ‘Absolutely brilliant – great discipline, enthusiasm and music – just top class. Well done.’ R. & S.M ‘Fantastic! Loved it! Very talented young people – they will go far in life.’ G.A & J.G. ‘We have come to expect the best from Enter CIC and you have not disappointed. Thank you all for a wonderful night.’ A.N, LT & MC

    The show was later performed at the DLI Reunion as part of the World War One Centenary Commemoration Weekend in County Durham on Palace Green. Home Fires features an array of original and inspiring musical numbers which are thought provoking, emotional, powerful and hopeful. The production has been watched by all ages and is suitable for performance to Key Stage One (Year 2) and above (6/7+).

    Auckland Castle Performance
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