Our young people tackle the #iWill Project during lockdown.

Thanks to funding from the County Durham Community Foundation, Enter CIC students have been busy developing their own initiative in the form of storytelling for younger children.

The project was originally going to be live storytelling sessions in front of a live audience of young children, but just as they were about to commence the project, Covid-19 and lockdown struck!

Ever resilient and positive, our young people quickly decided to adapt the project to an online format, which children could visit and revisit during the lockdown.

The first storytelling session was by Gracie, who wrote her own story for young people to commemorate VE Day. Gracie presented the material and worked with an illustrator and a digital artist to create a wonderful piece called, ‘Red, White and Blue’.

Take a look at the video below and check out some of the artists cartoons that accompany the video storytelling.

‘Red, White and Blue’, written and told by Gracie Flynn