Jeff WilliamsJeff says:

“So many children have a talent for unfettered creativity, making imaginative leaps and connections that can sometimes take the breath away. Many too have inbuilt skills that enable them to produce artworks that are dizzying in their subtlety, scope and invention. These are precious and fragile gifts, ones that without guidance, stimulation, a proper environment in which they can be encouraged and allowed to flourish, simply fizzle out, fade away. I support wholeheartedly any attempt to identify and encourage kids with talent, to help develop the skills and confidence to explore their creativity and follow where it might lead”.

Additional Info: Jeff is a writer of plays, screenplays and a master of the written word based in the North East of England and has just seen the release of his latest film, Soulboy in August 2010. Check out the video link below and go see the movie if it’s playing near you….or even if it’s not! We are so pleased to have Jeff support our work because he has been a major and well-respected force in giving creative and expressive opportunities to young people for many years.

Click here to view Jeff and Soulboy’s Producer talk about the movie.