Enter CIC were approached by Success and Livin to help with a project that would involve working with NEET children at a school in Spennymoor. One of our core funding objectives is working with NEET young people so we were able to help. We were asked to work on a Christmas project that Livin and Success put together last year that NEETWorkshopteaches primary school pupils about the importance of money in their everyday lives.

On our first visit to the school we met the young people we would be working with and talked to them about their interests and what they would like to do in the time we had with them. From this meeting we were able to create tasks that best suited the individual interests of the children.

Over a number of weeks we worked with young people to create the set and back drop for the Christmas production at Livin that took place at the beginning of December. Students worked really hard on props and found themselves involved in a media project that would create the background for the story. There were some fantastic ideas from all the individuals we worked with and they created a great set for the production.