StevenShawDue to popular demand we are now providing guitar lessons on a Thursday evening between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. We would like to welcome our new guitar teacher Steven to the team.

GuitarSteven has been teaching guitar full time now for over 2 years, working with students from age 6 to 70. His teaching focuses on developing an understanding of key concepts in music, such as: training your ears, developing timing and rhythm, and understanding how music is put together. Steven’s musical background consists of performing in several rock and pop bands, developing vast experience in the gigging and recording process.

Away from music Steven graduated from the University of Sunderland with a 1st Class Honours in Sport and Exercise Science, and has recently completed a Masters degree in the same subject. In sport Steven has over 8 years experience coaching and teaching, which he is now passing onto teaching music.

Steven is fully registered and a member of The Registry of Guitar Tutors. He regularly prepares students to complete guitar examinations accredited by the University of West London.

If you would be interested in guitar lessons, please call 01740 655437.