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In September 2013 we will be embarking on a brand new project entitled ‘Off the Page’. Enter CIC are industry experts at creating and providing bespoke workshops for young people. offthepageimage3Using performing arts techniques we will build enthusiasm for reading, raise literacy levels and help to bring books to life. 

The project will run for 12 weeks after school and on weekends. The pupils will be engaged in weekly workshops and will perform for people from the community at weekend performances held at our own venue.

We are delighted to have been awarded funding from the AAP 4 Together Partnership to run our ‘Off the Page’ project. The project will directly benefit young people aged 3 to 13.

The main focus for this project is to:

  • Teach literacy skills to ensure a better start for young people.
  • Increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle via practical literacy activities.
  • Provide an opportunity for families to come together and interact through a community event.

We are passionate in our aim to address literacy levels in young people and wish to thank the AAP 4 Together Partnership for supporting our initiative.