At Enter CIC you will often find us recording original material in a professional recording studio for large scale theatre productions and national events. We also wradioplay1rite our own advertisements for radio and record them using our in house professional production software.

Our young people regularly work on radio adverts to help people understand the opportunities that are on offer at Enter CIC. Enter CIC students devise scripts and perform on the adverts. If you take a listen to the adverts below you can hear what our young people have been working on. We think they sound great and it is a great opportunity for our young people who are interested in the production side of Enter CIC.

Enter CIC Radio Advert
Enter CIC BTEC Advert

Enter CIC are often commissioned to produce original scripts and music. If you click here you will be taken to some of the songs we have written and produced.

Interested in production skills? Enter CIC provide a number of production opportunities for you to get involved in. If your interested in Media, Photography, Technical Theatre, Backstage Operations, Song Writing, Theatre Lighting and Sound then give us a call on 01740 655437.