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We received some fantastic feedback from our Celebration of Age event. Take a look at what the community thought about it below:

Thanks for the great day out on Saturday. A wonderful experience for all those lucky enough to be invited. The whole two hours packed with very talented young people working very hard to entertain the older members of our community. You really did us proud, lots of happy faces in the room. Well done to everyone involved.
Derek H Staines
A day to remember. On entering Saturday’s venue I was transported back in time. The music was uplifting, the atmosphere electric. The joy on the young peoples faces was a pleasure to see. What did I enjoy most? I enjoyed every minute of it! It was a delight to see the portrayal of my days, the singing and the voices in unison excellent. May you go from strength to strength. Congratulations and many thanks for a wonderful afternoon, not forgetting the tasty sandwiches, cakes and scones.
Nancy Hardy
It has been a brilliant experience, all credit due to everyone who took part with such enthusiasm. I also enjoyed seeing my photograph in your programme. The day you called at my house was very special.
Mena Watson
Superb. Most impressive. We were entertained royally. The young people’s dancing truly excellent. Great to be here. Many many thanks.
Bill Tate
A fantastic afternoon of entertainment which brought back lots of memories. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the young people and such talent! It makes me proud to live in Ferryhill and see that ‘community’ is still alive. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved.
Valerie Watson
We had an absolutely amazing time. There was laughter and tears. I can’t express how brilliant everyone was and all the hard work that had gone into the show. I think it was amazing bringing the community together. Thank you so very much for our invites and hope you all do well in the future. Good luck Enter CIC.
Tenlands Care Home
Very good. Really enjoyed the afternoon. Lovely to see the young people enjoying themselves.
Mrs Cruddace
This was a very well thought out show. The young people really interacted with the older generation which was great to see. Well done.
Julie Peacock
So so glad I came. Really enjoyed the afternoon, everything 100% and more from back of house to front and the excellent performers. I am sure we will see many of them on stage and screen. Once again excellent, many thanks to all concerned.
Denise Richardson
A spectacular afternoon! The show was fantastic. Everyone joining in with the old time songs. Food served for afternoon tea was a delight. I really enjoyed every minute and met some friends I hadn’t seen for years.
Edith Pearson
A most enjoyable afternoon, so much work must have gone into this performance. Such happy young people.
E Thornton
It’s been a very good time, bringing back lots of memories of my childhood. Acting and singing so very very good. Looking forward to seeing you all at Durham Gala in June. Well done to you all.
M Todd
Absolutely fantastic. What commitment by these young people. Congratulations to all concerned and thank you for a lovely afternoon.
J Anderson
Absolutely fantastic. It just proves all teenagers are not out to cause problems. This type of show by these really talented teenagers are just what Ferryhill needs. Congratulations and well done to you all.
Sylvia Bell
Wonderful, how kind of you all to invite me today, you are great! Ferryhill are proud of you! Entertainment, talent, hospitality fabulous. Well done and thank you.
Chris Spink
Absolutely brilliant afternoon. Lots of nostalgia.The entertainment was fantastic. It is so nice to see such pleasant girls and boys. Thank you for a lovely time, excellent afternoon tea, please keep up the good work. May i say I saw ‘The Wind Road Boys in Sunderland, it was a fantastic show.
Betty Slater
The Children’s performance was excellent. The dancing was very well performed. the singing and harmonising was very professional. The whole show was magnificent.
Martin Kesterton
Lovely, lovely lovely! Loved the live music too. The young people impressed me very much,especially as I used to do amateur dramatics. I loved the way they were so outgoing, disciplined and friendly.
Josie Devonald
Absoutely fantastic. The group performed brilliant and they were really enthusiastic with the whole performance.
Glenda Maddison
Very Good Event. Dancers ad Singers were very talented. A nice bonus to get afternoon tea. Room was set up very well. A lovely afternoon. Thank you.
Sonia Mawston
Each and everyone put their all into the show. The voices were clear and the dancing was great. Very much like we used to do. During the radio presentation it was very authentic, loved every minute.
Eleanor Ash
Very nice afternoons entertainment and lovely memories. The tea was lovely and all of the group helpful.
A Wilkinson
Excellent, well produced and acted. The enthusiasm of all the young people was amazing. Full marks well done.
K Wilson
It was fantastic brings back memories, would watch it again.
Jennifer Gash
Absolutley fabulous afternoon. So unusual. Well done everyone. Wonderful opportunities for the young ones. Saw Wind Road Boys, excellent. Special thanks to all organisers.
Sandra Priestly
Wonderful show very talented young people. Looking forward to The Wind Road Boys.
Jean James
A privilege to attend. As a die hard sports to give up a Saturday afternoon to such an event is a first but fantastic and the turnout was just reward for everyone’s efforts. Good luck for all your future productions
Bill Priestly.
This show is a credit to all who took the time to give us a wonderful show and meal. Thank you for the invitation. Carry on the good work.
Elsie Brown
Very very good. Credit to the children and helpers. Some good to come out for Ferryhill.
J Janney