We are now working towards our next fantastic performance project entitled ‘The Young Person’s Guide to The Lindisfarne Gospels’. The performance will be taking place at Durham Cathedral on September 14th 2013. This is an amazing opportunity for our young people and we are very excited to be able to perform at such a prestigious venue. ‘The Young YP GUIDE WEB SMALLPeople’s Guide to The Lindisfarne Gospels’ will be a brand new musical created by Enter CIC’s production team and will have everything (weird, wild, wacky and wonderful) you ever wanted to know about The Lindisfarne Gospels. Told through song, dance, movement and story. It will be an unmissable, one-off evening.

It is an honour to be part of The Lindisfarne Gospels events to celebrate the return of the Gospels to Durham. To book your tickets, please call Enter CIC on 01740 655437.