sherbornenewsEnter CIC provided the opportunity for eleven staff and volunteers to attend a training course based on the Sherborne Developmental Movement. The Sherborne Developmental Movement is an approach to teaching and working with movement that is both accessible, especially by people with minimal movement experience.This approach is based on the philosophy and theory created by Rudolf Laban (Pioneer and founder of Modern European Dance and movement analysis) and devised by Veronica Sherborne after having worked closely with Laban for 2 years. Her approach to teaching movement is firmly rooted in both observation of how children play in the normal course of their development and then grounding these observations in the philosophy and theory of Laban’s movement analysis.

The training provided our staff and volunteers with a background into the Sherborne Developmental Movement, Basic Awareness of Movement Quality and Practical Movement Experiences in terms of Awareness of Self, Awareness of Others, Movement Quality and Creativity.

We are currently working with children who have a wide variety of complex learning requirements including cerebral palsy and down’s syndrome so ensuring our staff and volunteers are fully qualified is of paramount importance to us and we feel that this type of training will benefit staff and students greatly.

Our staff and Volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the day and we would like to thank Alleyne Cliff and Michelle Hetherington for delivering the training.

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