Since 2011 Enter CIC staff, students and volunteers have worked alongside the community in support of Ferryhill Methodist Church’s annual Shoe Box Appeal.

Each year we help members of the church pack over 1000 shoe boxes onto a van for shipment to Romania.

The boxes contain an array of gifts that have been packed by the congregation (and friends) of the church. The boxes are shipped in time for Christmas and given to children at Christmas time.

It is fantastic that our young people support this important cause and each year they are always ready to help in anyway they can. We actively encourage the young people at Enter CIC to understand the importance of helping others and we are very proud that they are first in line to volunteer their time whenever they are needed.

“Great feedback from Sunday night at the Methodist church. The Minister and the shoe box organiser both commented on the friendly atmosphere created by the young people during the coffee break. The congregation as always love to see everyone from Enter CIC and the friendship between the two has grown over the years supporting each other in the projects they tackle. Thanks once again for your support.”
Derek Staines, Ferryhill Methodist Church

“On behalf of the organisers of the shoe box appeal, I would like to say thank you to the young people who came to the Ferryhill Methodist Church on Sunday 20th November to help carry out the shoe boxes to the awaiting vans. This can be quite a strenuous task to elderly people so we appreciated their help very much and would like to invite them to do the same next year. The final number of boxes sent was 1,111. Thank you again”
Nancy Wilson, Treasurer, Ferryhill Methodist Church.

“Would you please thank the young people and adults for supporting our appeal on Sunday night. Did not expect such a large turnout but that’s ENTER CIC. We always seem to get a buzz when the kids come to visit us and they did us proud mixing with our congregation, what a lovely atmosphere. The members cant wait for you to come back in December, love Derek”.
Derek Staines, Ferryhill Methodist Church