Here at Enter CIC we understand how important it is for young people to be rewarded for applying themselves appropriately to given situations. We recognise that an effective reward system can help a young person to reach a goal, or a milestone.11752463_967711149916963_319746671537483174_n

Positive feedback is a powerful force and can empower a young person to believe, or simply give them the energy to go the extra mile to accomplish a task.

At Enter CIC young people are rewarded for a whole host of activities. There are the obvious rewards for performance and technical achievement in workshop situations.

However, it is equally important to recognise the young person who has assisted another, welcomed a new starter into a session, or simply listened attentively to a staff member, or friend.

In some of our classes mainstream children work alongside children with learning complex needs. It is often at these times that we witness the best in young people.

It is heartwarming to see how some young people assist others and it is imperative that such partnerships and qualities of character are recognised and rewarded.

Enter CIC aims to inspire others to aspire higher and an effective reward system plays an important role in helping us to achieve this aim.

We know our young people are fantastic lets celebrate their achievements..