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Students Testimonials 1

Written by Paul

4th October 2012

“Working on and performing in The Wind Road Boys at Sunderland Empire was an unforgettable experience. The opportunities in rehearsal were unbelievable, getting the chance to work with professional and highly skilled people who earn their living everyday working in the performing industry! The show itself was really fun to work on, with a variety of fast paced, powerful and emotional songs and scenes to nail, it was really hard work but the end product was really worthwhile! Entering an empty Sunderland Empire the night before the performance was nerve racking, seeing first-hand how epic the theatre is and knowing how many eyes would be watching and judging our creation. The night itself was such an adrenaline rush! Stepping out into the lights and smoke of the stage in the opening scene, looking into the darkness, houselights out, knowing that a mass of a thousand plus people are watching and waiting to be swept away on our adventure! I think the show altogether went very, very well! The audience laughed, cried and cheered as they empathised and sympathised with our characters through the story. With some of our audience being old miners and themselves being involved in real life incidents down the pits, it was our duty and sole objective as performers to do them proud, and I personally felt very proud to be performing to such an audience! In the end, with the audience awarding us a standing ovation our job was done, we had succeeded in telling our story and a lot of our cast had got a little emotional themselves! The theatre can create some really powerful feelings, to both an audience and its performers. At the end of this experience we had all come over a massive learning curve, meeting and working with professionals, working in a huge theatre and even recording in the sound studio which I found very exciting! The whole project made me feel very professional and very proud knowing our performance had received such great feedback. I mean we made them cry, come on! They say they want us back? Our show left its mark!”

“Andrea since I started you have pushed me to my limits. My confidence has gone up a lot too thanks to you. When I’m older I hope to be a singer and actor and thanks to the opportunities Enter CIC has given me that will be a lot easier for me. Sunderland is a once in a lifetime experience and all I’ve ever wanted to do is perform. The exams have been amazing and I hope I pass. Enter is like my second home and I love everything about it. Thank you for everything; you are an inspiration to every young person in the performing industry”

“Absolutely fantastic, liked performing for audience. Wont be as nervous next time”

“Loved all of it, really fun and i wish i could do it again. Made me feel special”

“Jam packed range of activities to enjoy”

“Really good!, nervous at first but when i was on the stage i felt ok. It was a good experience for me”

“I liked doing the Lion King and wasn’t nervous. I enjoyed it lots”

“It was the best show ever because i haven’t done a show like that before and i felt amazing!”

“I could see all my family from the stage, I liked the Lion King and had lots of fun”

“I liked the end of the show and wasn’t scared or nervous. I loved doing the show”

“I thought it was really good, it topped the show in December and i love being on stage!. We couldn’t have a better Director and Teachers!”

“Awesome!, I learned not to be scared to go on stage”

“It was a great experience. It was my first time performing. I enjoyed being with the cast. I learned a lot and it was good for my confidence”

“Awesome. The cheer after Billy Elliot (The Stars Look Down) was amazing”

“Really nervous as it was first proper show. It was good”

“Parents feedback was amazing. Awesome felt great!”

“After the first night and doing Billy Elliot gave me more confidence”

“The shows on Saturday and Sunday were fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a brilliant cast and being part of a great cause. Roll on Wednesday, and any future shows. Well done everyone! Also, a massive thanks to Andrea and Paul and anyone else who’s given me such an amazing opportunity”


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