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 “Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend The Wind Road Boys. What a terrific performance. You portrayed our heritage skilfully and sensitively. Your cast were superb. I have this morning read with great interest your mission statement ‘Aspirations and opportunities’. You are certainly reaching your goals…you are giving young people the opportunity to enrich their lives. It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet you all.”
Sue Snowdon, Lord-Lieutenant, Her Majesty The Queen’s personal representative
 “It was a great night. The performance was brilliant and I know everyone enjoyed it – the standing ovation said it all.”
Mr Phil Wilson, MP Sedgefield
 “It was fantastic to see the show and learn about what you do. As I mentioned at the time, it certainly is quite unique and something that we greatly admire. Congratulations once again on the show, particularly the standing ovations”
Ryan Macaulay, Josef Weinbergers Ltd
 “It was a brilliant show”
Matthew Lewis, Professional Actor (Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter films)
 “I made the show on Wednesday night…it was fantastic!! Well done to you and everyone involved…it was very emotional.”
Louise Fewster, Head of News, Star Radio
 “An original North-East musical focusing on the region’s mining heritage has involved talented young actors teaming up with West End stars for an unforgettable production. The audience at the Gala Theatre, in Durham City, was on its feet last night. Clapping, cheering and wiping tears from their eyes, the theatre-goers were keen to show their appreciation to the cast and crew of The Wind Road Boys”
Northern Echo.
 “It is not every day you attend the theatre and witness little children, young adults, middle-aged people and pensioners all gripped by the same production. The Wind Road Boys is one of the best musicals I have ever seen. The storyline was enthralling, spanning several generations and boasting humour and heartache, and the big musical numbers were a joy to behold. The set and special effects were also fantastic”
Lizzie Anderson, Northern Echo.
 “So clever and funny. Great choreography. And so very moving. Really enjoyed it”
Alex Hall, BBC Radio Presenter
 “An inspirational musical by Enter CIC swept the audience off its feet last night at the Gala Theatre, Durham and earned a standing ovation. Superbly directed and choreographed, The Wind Road Boys made for a brilliant night’s entertainment but ultimately with an overarching energy of positivity. By the end of the show the cast and the audience alike could feel that bit more proud of the achievements of our ancestors and appreciate the community they dug and built by hand. There was a heartfelt standing ovation at the end, following which I heard person after person exclaiming how wonderful the show had been. Memorable”
Robert Nichols, One Giant Leap Magazine
 “Thank you so much for last night we all loved it and are excited at the prospect of the show at the Cathedral. I was at Finchdale School today and they told me how much they had also enjoyed The Wind Road Boys.”
Councillor Amanda Hopgood, County Councillor, Durham
 “The whole show was so touching and gave everyone the feeling of community spirit and a look back to the hard times encountered in the past.”
Pauline Crathorne, County Councillor, Ferryhill
 “I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for my invite to The Wind Road Boys. My friend and I were so impressed and it certainly exceeded our expectations. I am not sure how these things work, but I felt this musical is worthy of national acclaim. Considering all of your songs were new and original they were all extremely inspiring and noteworthy. The performers did so well and were so enthusiastic and passionate about telling the story which was very evident. Your organisation is so impressive. Congratulations on a strong piece of work and I really hope that it gains the national recognition it so richly deserves.”
Barbara Gubbins Chief Executive County Durham Foundation
 “I would like to congratulate you on an excellent performance which was at the same time instructive, humorous and moving but most of all hugely entertaining. My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed the performance and would be grateful if you could convey our best wishes and appreciation to all involved in this production. You should all be very justifiably proud and justly deserved the lengthy standing ovation you received last night”
Michael Banks, Assistant Chief Constable of Durham Constabulary
 “Can I just say thank you so much for inviting me last night to the Wind Road Boys, I absolutely loved it, it was fantastic, well done to everyone, and I know the vice chair and his wife and Cllr Avery loved every minute of it. Well done all of you and thank you again!”
Paula Nixon, Community Development Project Officer, 4 Together Area Action Partnership (AAP)l
 “IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! I was able to attend with my colleague and we were both bowled over. In a way, I knew what to expect because I knew the standard of your productions, but my colleague Julie was blown over. We laughed and cried and the message about communities was right on the money.”
Carole Payne Head of Early Intervention and Involvement Durham County Council
 “Very professional performance – Believable, powerful message in the story being told. Great characterisation. Loved it”
Grahame Morris MP, Easington
 “I took my partner and two children (aged 11 and 9) to see The Wind Road Boys and we absolutely loved it. I thought it was a very moving show and the quality of performance was amazing.”
Christine Rackley Head of Grants and Donor Services County Durham Community Foundation
 “The performance really blew us away it was a huge production with singing dancing and acting and the storyline was not only historically interesting but contained humour and some rather poignant moments. We enjoyed every second and would like to say a big well done to all that took part”
Tracey Jackson, Head of Communities, Livin
 “We had a great night, especially when we went back stage and met the cast. I not sure what you modified on the 2nd half, but I thought it was better than the Sunderland Show.”
David Cadman, Etherley Methodist Church
 “We really enjoyed The Wind Road Boys on Wednesday. It was absolutely fantastic – I cried so much it was ridiculous but there were also some very funny parts (Mr Salt and Mr Corrigan were amazing). The young people were incredible and so talented and the little ones are so cute. I’m sure you’ve heard it from lots of people but it’s an amazing thing that you are doing with the young people and it’s been a pleasure to have worked with you and them – I hope we can work with you again in the future.”
Helen Barker, Head of Community Participation, Beamish Museum
 “You’ve done it again! This was even better than the Sunderland performance and that was excellent! A truly uplifting and emotional experience for all of the members of Northern Acchord who were`Proud` to share the stage with some very talented young stars of the future. You never cease to amaze us with your abilities. Keep up the good work.”
Dave Tyson, chair Northern Acchord
 “Dear Andrea & Paul, Thank you for inviting us to take part in your wonderful musical, again the guys thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it all again, or something new. I must congratulate you on the behaviour of the children, they were so quiet and polite and they always said thankyou when we held doors or stood back for them. They were a credit to Enter and you. Many thanks again”
David Percy, Northern Acchord
 “Firstly, I would like to congratulate you all on your outstanding performance of The Wind Road Boys. I was fortunate enough to see it on the Tuesday afternoon with my Yr 6 class from Cotsford Junior School, in Horden – the class had been covering Britain since 1948; taking particular interest in their mining community. I was so overwhelmed with the performance; the actors both young and old and the emotion that they all brilliantly portraid throughout! So much so, that I booked for the evening performance on the Tuesday too – with my family. Amazing! Thankyou for enlighting us all on the lives of the ‘miners’ and helping us to understand”
Michelle Bainbridge
 Just a big thank you for inviting us to the performance last night. The story and local history side of things was fascinating, and the show itself brilliant to watch. I should think the young people are getting so much from being involved and working with professionals, and also seeing how something like this comes together. Thank you for the warm welcome and acknowledgement of the funding”
Big Lottery Fund
 “That performance last night was out of this world! I have been to the West End on many occasions and I say this with all sincerity that the performance last night was on a par. Well done to you all for an amazing performance that mixed fun with history and culture with storming performances from everyone involved. Many thanks for inviting me and well done”
Paul McGinnety, Commissioning Manager, Children and Adult Services, Durham County Council
 “Can I say that both my wife and myself were extremely impressed with The Wind Road Boys production. It was excellent!!!”
Jim Bradley, Specialist Subject Inspector for Art, Design & Technology, Children and Young People’s Services
 “My husband and I saw your show at Sunderland Empire theatre. It was terrific and we enjoyed it very much. Everything was so professional and the children sang their hearts out. I felt really proud to know that some of our children were able to take part in such a fantastic production. They are well motivated and obviously thoroughly enjoy all they do at Enter. The result is that in school they are much more confident, especially in drama and the arts. You are doing a great job and Ferryhill is very lucky to have you working here. Keep up the good work. Many thanks to you all”
Val Jago, Headteacher Ferryhill Station Primary School
 “Firstly, may I thank you for the invitation to the above performance of which we are delighted that we attended. Both Alan and I had a lovely night and thought the performance was absolutely wonderful. Praise must be given to all those involved as the hard work and dedication was plain to see. Please convey our thanks to everyone involved”
Councillor Elizabeth Bruce, Mayor of Chilton
 “Please convey our thanks and admiration to everyone who had anything to do with bringing The Wind Road Boys production to the stage. We were both totally enthralled from beginning to end by a show that had everything an original strong story and songs, pathos, humour and excellent singing and dancing. The children were amazing in their singing, dancing and acting. They seemed to put everything into their performance. The set was cleverly designed and worked well with the story. It was a poignant moment when the miners switched on their helmet lamps. We very much admire the work you do with young people and they must gain so much confidence from being involved in such excellent shows. Thank you once again for a very thought provoking show”
Councillor Les Thompson
 “I absolutely enjoyed it. It was a mixture of sadness and comedy and so many other elements that make a good production. The talent was amazing and the singing and dancing as well as the acting was also amazing. I think there will be some strong futures for cast members”
Councillor Maria Plews, Cabinet Member Leisure, Libraries and Lifelong Learning
 “Enter CIC does a wonderful job at encouraging and supporting young people to take part in positive activities that develop skills but also educates and supports positive learning. The performance really blew us away it was a huge production with singing, dancing and acting and the storyline was not only historically interesting but contained humour and some rather poignant moments. We enjoyed every second and would like to say a big well done to all that took part”
Tracey Jackson, Head of Communities, Livin
 “WOW what a performance, it was terrific. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a regular theatre goer it was better than some of the shows I have seen in London. The storyline and the execution of it was excellent. What a cast with such talent!! Keep up the good work. Congratulations to everyone for providing a wonderful night”
Councillor Anne Wright
 I throughly enjoyed the show which I could easily relate to. It was full of emotion and ups and downs the acting, singing and music was excellent. There was a man sat next to me that said he could have cried. It was very professionally executed with brilliant performances by all. The show far exceeded my expectation and all I can say is those who did not come to see it missed a spectacular show which leaves me with one thing… when is the next one? Thank you once again”
Derek Bradley
 “The performance was spectacular, it made us laugh and it made us cry. It was very relevant to the history and heritage of our area, and I am so proud of the local children and Enter CIC for all the effort that went into the performance. I just wish we could see it again, and we can’t wait for the next one!”
Chris Buston, Chairman of Area Action Partnership
 “Thank you so much for the invite – I absolutely loved it and I am really glad I came. You and the team should all be so proud. You really should! I just think it’s amazing what you do and the results you keep coming up with time and time again” The standard all round was excellent and the show was so moving. I really enjoyed it so thanks again. Here’s to the next one!
Matt Hall, Director Tribute Acts Management
 “On Tuesday 7th August 2012 Andrea, Jessica, Andy and all of the Enter CIC team made dreams come true for about 200 local young people, appearing on stage at the wonderful Sunderland Empire. Thanks to those who had the vision to organise such an event. The show itself based on our local mining history reminded us of the brave men and boys of our area who went down the mines some never to return. Sadness and laughter, great drama and songs and dancing made this a most memorable evening. The whole cast were “magic” reaching the highest standard possible. What a night. Well done to everyone. Remember with pride the standing ovation you all received at the end of an excellent evening”
Derek Staines
 “It was an absolute brilliant performance of the Wind Road Boys: so professional, so full of enthusiasm and commitment such a high speed of action. I don’t know where everyone got the energy from. All the lighting the back drop, props cleverly done- especially the miners lamps, and to such great effect! very well done to all of you. Such a pity it couldn’t be seen nationally. A real credit to all of you. Everyone is now looking forward to the next performance”
Anne Bower, Secretary of Ferryhill Baptist Church
 “Just wanted to say what a fantastic! Amazing performance last night. They all did brilliantly . I throughly enjoyed the evening. It was such an emotional storyline and so true, it really brought it home. I know without doubt that you will be so proud and rightly so”
Debbie McGuire
 “I’m just writing to say how much my sister in law and myself enjoyed your show The Windroad Boys at Sunderland Empire last week. We thought it was a very polished performance which far exceeded our expectations of an amateur production and that every member of the cast was excellent in their parts. So much so that we would be love to come to any future productions and would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance of these. Thankyou and congratulations on a wonderful show”
Janet Pears
 “To all the staff and everyone involved at Enter CIC we would like to thank you for giving Ellie such a fantastic opportunity. We thought the show was out of this world. Without doubt all the time, hard-work and effort has paid off. Thanks again”
Joanne and Christian
 “Congratulations on presenting a brilliant, poignant, moving and throughly professional show. The audience were living proof that the sense of tradition and community are alive, well and thriving. Keep up the good work. the children were amazing. Thank you so much.”
Valerie and Hugh Watson
 “Len and Lesley Watson would like to applaud “all” from Enter CIC who contributed to the most enjoyable entertainment of The Wind Road Boys at Sunderland Empire on the 7th August 2012. It was a night to remember. We felt we were immersed in a grand mix of ‘Les Mis’, Blood brothers, Billy Elliot etc (Cameron Macintosh theatres watch out!). The Tees Barbershop choir involvement was an inspiration, giving a couple of the ensemble numbers real body and impact. The inclusiveness of this whole enterprise is really commendable. really well done…..Bravo!”
Len and Lesley Watson
 “To Andrea and the Fantastic team at Enter Congratulations on putting on such a fantastic show at the Empire Theatre. All the cast, production team and crew were amazing…everyone did fantastic! Thank you also for giving sienna and leah the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful experience, one that will last their whole lifetime. Your work with the children is truly inspirational. We hope you are all bursting with pride today at what you have achieved. Thank you to the fantastic team.”
Helene Brechin
 “It was fabulous, all the kids did a great job! it was really good to see everyone’s hard work pay off. an amazing experience for all the kids….thank you!”
June James
 “What an amazing show everyone from the stars themselves to the people who are behind the scenes, the long hours and hard work was definatly worth waiting for, truly mesmorizing, a huge THANK-YOU for giving Beth and Jack an opportunity to perform at Sunderland Empire with all of the Enter cic team”
Louise Wilson
 “Fantastic show, very professional really enjoyed the night”
A. Pearson
 “Wonderful show. Highly entertaining and very professional. Enjoyed every moment of the show”
E Pearson
 “It was a wonderful show and you must be so proud of all the young people involved. They did Ferryhill proud”
Viv Milburn
 “Absolutely fantastic! Excellent production. first rate casting, everything was top notch, when is the next one?”
S. Constable