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technical workshop 2014

On Sunday 9th November 2014 some of our students went to The Assembly Rooms theatre in Durham for a workshop to learn about the technical aspects of theatre. The students were greeted by Technical staff Jonny Browning and Caleb Bond.technical workshop 20142

The students were given a tour of the theatre and backstage before heading up to the sound and lighting box. Jonny showed the students the sound desk and taught them how to ustechnical workshop 20143e the sound board before they tested some mics for theatre production. Caleb then provided a presentation about theatre lighting design and explained the workings of the lighting board. The students were then set a task to create their own lighting designs, rig the lights they would need and programme them on the board.

Our students regularly work on our own in house productions, so this kind of experience is very beneficial to them as they pursue a future career in theatre production. The confidence they gain from these professional workshops are essential.

We would like to thank Jonny and Caleb for an excellent day and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Enter CIC have provided an array of work experience opportunities in theatres in the North East and London’s West End. If you would be interested in joining our team, please call Enter CIC on 01740 655437.