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Written by Paul

12th October 2011


“I walked off chance into a rehearsal for the Help for Heroes performance in Ferryhill, County Durham and was stopped dead in my tracks by the quality and power of the work going on. Impressive doesn’t begin to describe it. Enter CIC challenged the young people to perform at a level none of them would have imagined possible. Only the very best is good enough for Andrea! She said “I know they can do better” and they did! Working with local schools and youth workers, hundreds of local young people were involved in this project and every one of them achieved something exceptional.The show itself was brilliant -local people working alongside professionals to produce a show of genuine quality and emotion. Enter CIC showed the young people what they were capable of – not just in performing arts, but in life. It was truly inspirational”
Carole Payne, Head of Early Intervention and Partnership, Children and Young People’s Services, Durham County Council.


“I wanted to say how fantastic I thought ‘The Help for Heroes’ concert was on Saturday night. The whole performance was superb and deserves a national audience. The children were a credit to Ferryhill and the money raised is destined for a very good cause. Please pass on my congratulations to everyone involved. I look forward to the next concert!”
Phil Wilson MP, Sedgefield

“I don’t have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately describe my admiration for the young people (and the professionals and Army personnel) who took part in the concert. What a spectacular event it was, from start to finish – at times amusing, at times very poignant, but always polished and entertaining. The young people who join your programme are indeed lucky to have such a dedicated and experienced teacher”
Councillor Les Thompson, Mayor of Durham

“May I congratulate you, your actors and pupils, technicians and anyone who was involved with the concert in aid of Help the Heroes for an absolutely wonderful performance on Saturday. The enthusiasm, talent and pure enjoyment coming from the performers was truly infectious and spellbinding. Like every other member of the audience I was thrilled throughout the concert. I eagerly look forward to your next performance but I understand that everyone will need a good rest to recuperate. Kind regards to all”
Councillor Eileen Martin

“It has been my pleasure to be involved in a small way and to watch the rehearsals and see how it came together. You and your team were brilliant. I am a firm believer that you are only as good as the people you have to work with and your team and the leeds lot as well as principal actors were brilliant. There will be a buzz in the air for all who attended and I would add a degree of jealousy for those who never came. In my opinion this is something that I think you could take on the road all over the country to theatres up and down the UK involving other local communities in the way that you brought Ferryhill together. In short I think you are all amazing, Professional, Unique individuals that I am proud and privileged to know. Regards”
Bugle Major Garry Suggett

“I was blown away by the performance. It was utterly compelling, poignant yet funny and superbly crafted. It captured the essence of what Help for Heroes is all about.”
Alan Saddler Volunteer County Co-ordinator for Help for Heroes

“How do I start to praise the recent performance, it was pure excellent, and I was so proud of all the young children. They all deserve praise form the entire audience, well done, my wife was saying on the night we have paid good money for west end shows not as good, we look forward to seeing you all again perform and see how you can top this one”
Councillor John Robinson

“May i take this opportunity to you your staff and the whole of the actors and not forgetting the CHILDREN for such a most rememerable evening you were all just out of this world. It was acting at the highest level that I have seen from such a varied cast a full evenings entertainment which will take some beating in the future . So once again THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR SUCH A GLORIOUS EVENING”
Councillor Tommy Garrett


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