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The Curious Case of the Human Being

WebHeaderThe Curious Case of the Human Being is the most spaced-out comedy musical autopsy in history!

Set in the future, this production is a comic adventure that whisks children on a magical, scientific learning adventure!

An alien spaceship is hurtling towards Earth! On board are a team of boffins from the planet Athenia, who have arrived at Earth in an attempt to discover whether it can still support life.

The aliens are looking for a new home for their people after learning that the sun closest to Athenia will, in a few generations, become a red giant and explode.

They have a live link back to Athenia where Space Academy Cadets (the audience) help them uncover the mystery of why humans died out on Earth over a millennium ago.

Using the latest information from the children at the Space Academy and clues from the mysterious human astronaut found orbiting Earth alone, they unravel the science behind our past and their future. The only difference is, they’re going to do things a little differently!

The Curious Case of the Human Being is full of wonderful, interactive adventures and it is a fantastic, child friendly musical that brings fun to science and facts to fun! It focuses on a range of topics, including living things, materials and physical processes.

“This was a fantastic experience for our children – they found it entertaining, funny and highly informative. It covered some subjects which can be a bit dry extremely well and in a way that engaged our children, including those who are sometimes hard to reach. This will also help our school in our PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark) Gold accreditation. A hilarious, informative event that appealed to us all.” Dr Whitton, Head Teacher

The Curious Case of the Human Being is a fantastic intergalactic and scientific SATs-buster for children aged 3- 11!

You can book this show for your school. Call us on 01740 655437.