Wind-Road schools smallwebWe are delighted to be able to offer full and half day workshops based on The Wind Road Boys production.

The Wind Road Boys is perfect for schools looking for a new and inspiring way to deliver the national curriculum. The production promotes an array of cross curricular opportunities covering subjects such as history, drama, music, dance, art, media, citizenship. To see how this production meets National Curriculum requirements, please click here to go to The Wind Road Boys website.

The Wind Road Boys workshops are designed to help children explore North East mining history and gain a greater understanding of the important role children played in the mines.

In the workshops children will participate in practical and fun theoretical activities. They will be able to put on costumes and explore the themes featured in the show (community, citizenship, historical facts from the 1830’s to present day).wrb workshops

Some of the scenes in the show focus specifically on children. These scenes are perfect for helping pupils compare the role of the child in the mines and in the community in general to their role in today’s society.

The writer of the show Paul D Flynn spent a long time researching the North East Mining history and not only did he create a fantastic script, but also a wonderful educational tool. During the workshops pupils will get to work with the script and will gain a greater understanding of the historical context of the show.

The workshops can be differentiated for pupils of all ages.

To book a Wind Road Boys Workshop contact Enter CIC on 01740 655437 or email