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In the lead up to The Young Person’s Guide to The Lindisfarne Gospels our students worked extremely hard in rehearsals to bring together a brand new production.

On Friday 13th September 2013 some of our students attended technical rehearsals at the Durham Cathedral. Enter CIC’s technical team transported light and sound equipment from the Enter Centre to use for the production. Not only was this a great experience for our performers but also for our production team, who work behind the scenes. We have a number of students and volunteers who share an interest in media and backstage operations. The experience and skills in setting up and running a theatre production are invaluable and they did a fantastic job considering the size of the performance arena they had to work with!

When the performers took to the stage and began to sing it was amazing to see members of the public stop in their tracks and take a seat. The fantastic sound being produced from the young peoples voices echoed throughout the Cathedral and drew crowds to the pews. On the Saturday when the full cast were on stage hoards of visitors packed the pews eagerly awaiting the next song. At the end of rehearsals audience members, some of whom were moved to tears came to talk to us about the wonderful voices they had been listening to, many asking for tickets to come back and watch the performance later that evening.

Our young people perform consistantly at the highest standards, performing at some of the biggest and best arenas in the North East. We are very proud of our young people and the way they approach new projects with such professionalism and dedication.