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The Wind Road Boys

The Wind Road BoysOur self-penned working class musical celebrating the men, women and children of mining communities. Written in 2014, it has played to audiences from all over the world.

“One of the best musicals I have ever seen.” Northern Echo

The Wind Road Boys is a passionate musical full of gut-busting, powerful and heartbreaking songs.

The musical transports you into a world 

George Turner has only one night to convince a developer not to tear open the ground in which the sweat and blood of his community was spilt many years ago.

Historically accurate and filled with real and fantastical characters, this is a modern and uplifting celebration of the voices, now silent, whose spirit once filled the air of mining towns across the UK.

Its songs have graced the stages across the UK and even internationally.

This is a show not to be missed if you can catch it. 

‘…Gripping…passionate…impressive…compelling.’ **** British Theatre Guide