Theatre is the medium;
knowledge is
the goal.

Professional and Youth Theatre

Our Professional and Youth Theatre opportunities are for all to achieve a greater understanding of their skills, aspirations and themselves.

The Enter Team has been involved in theatre-making since 1984. Their high-quality productions are drawn from a wide range of national and international experience.

Enter makes theatre for all audiences and has produced radio plays, informal sharings, dramatic theatre, concerts, musical theatre and large-scale live performance events.

The team has a wide range of experience from large-scale, innovative productions across Britain, the USA and beyond to international events involving tens of thousands of performers.

Their community experience draws from projects in the ‘Projects’ of San Francisco to Hambantota in Sri Lanka. They have also been instrumental in the success of charity fundraisers of Tim Rice and of the Freemasons.

The team also work with local schools, museums and heritage experts to maintain regional history, its legacy and its relevance to our lives today and tomorrow.

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